Shopping Deals! Free O.b, cheap pantene, almost free dawn

Hey everyone,
Did some shopping this morning and got some awesome deals.

2 x pantene shampoo PM loblaws $2.99 - $2.50 wub 2(brandsaver) = $3.48 or $1.74 each
2 x pantene conditioner PM loblaws $2.99 - $2.50 wub 2(brandsaver) = $3.48 or $1.74 each
2 x silhouette yogurt (was planning on PMing to food basics but was already on sale same price) $1.67= $3.34
1 x listerine zero $3.37- $3 coupon(printable coupon)= $0.37
3 x aquafina waters $1.50 - B2G1 free coupon(tearpad)= $3.00

1 x smart water $1.99- FPC (facebook promo)= Free
8 x dawn dish soap $0.88 - (4) $1wub2 coupons (brandsaver)= $3.04 or $0.38 each
Now here's my story,
The cashier said I couldn't use more than one coupon per purchase because that's what the coupon said. I tried to explain that purchase and transaction are different, the one per purchase means one coupon can be applied to the 2 soaps that are being purchased.
So she rang them in on 4 separate transactions because apparently ''it's easier''
Then she tries telling me that she doesn't see why it's worth it because it's cheaper to buy the bigger bottles, and I tried to explain to her that no, its not cheaper.
Because if you break it down:

1 709ml bottle is $1.99 in order to use my coupon I'd have to buy 2, so that makes it
$3.98 - $1wub2= $2.98/2 = $1.49.
Buying 2 small bottles at 304 ml at $0.88 = $1.76- $1wub2= $0.76/2 = $0.38 each
so I can buy 4 small bottles , get 1L and 216 ml of dish soap for the same price as the 709ml.
So I was right :)

Since both walmart and zellers didn't have ANY o.b tampons I had to go to loblaws for the deal.
4 x o.b tampons $1.99- (4) $2 coupons(from manufacturer) = +0.04 towards taxes.

All in all not a bad shopping trip!


lili said...

Nice ! I thought that it was the french version of coupon that mixed the cashiers... lol ! Same combat ! Good for you ! Bravo !

Bon Couponing !

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