Freebies Received: Veet, Maynard's, trillium

Hey everyone, here are a few freebies I've received in the mail the last week:

Bag of Maynard's Candy- Facebook promo
Veet sample + $1 off coupon
Trillium reuseable bag- not sure why I keep getting these!

Mail has been weak lately, there are so many coupons and freebies I'm waiting on. It seems I'm only getting 1 or 2 pieces of mail a day! :(
Has anyone else's mail been weak lately?

Post your comments below!


Sue said...

It has been slow for me too. It seems as though I am waiting on a whole lot of freebies. I need to start keeping track of when I order them so I don't have unrealistic expectations about when they should arrive!

c_mcarthur said...

I know exactly how you feel , the only way I keep track is by my blog posts lol

secret said...

Yes, same here!! I thought I was the only one experiencing this "drought".

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