Brandsampler samples available!

Hey everyone,
P&G Brandsampler August is now available!
Click Here to sign in to brandsampler, answer a few questions and your samples will be on their way!
4-6 weeks delivery.

Hurry! These samples go fast!


cathy said...

jeez you posted it and in less than 5 minutes i was there and the only thing they had lsft was cascade automatic dishwasher tablets, colgate and olay...i got them but omg they had 3 left? unreal lol and what am i gonna do with dishwasher saop when i have no dishwasher but i had to take all three...which initself is lame cos someone who DOES have a dishwasher coulda used it

c_mcarthur said...

I only got 3 of the samples as well :(
but from what other ppl are saying, most only got maximum 4 of the samples.

Jenn said...

I only got four, and two of them are of absolutely no use to me. But it made me choose all four. Like, thanks for the choice...o.O

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