Recycle Bin Walk July 17- icoke, smartsource, and Glad coupons!

Hey everyone,
did a recycle bin walk on sunday and got lots of goodies!

-lean cuisine pin
-glad coupons from cereal box
-smartsource insert
-5 icoke pins
-sheet of food coupons from all bran box

Not bad for an hour of biking :)


Anonymous said...

I was told it was not legal to take things from peoples recycling bins because once people put them on the curb they belong to the recycling company??? I personally think that is ridiculous, i would think the recycle company would be happy with people like us that help do there jobs for free lol. I collect pop cans as well and sell them to the metal places for $$. It takes a lot of cans but well worth it, my daughter and I save/collect them for a year then use that money for Christmas presents for each other. This year and next we are saving all proceeds for her Grade 12 arts class school trip that is going to cost over $3,000. All proceeds are going to go to the school to help other kids as well that are not able to pay for the trip:) Buy the way that was a very productive bike ride you had this day:)

c_mcarthur said...

LOL thanks for the comment.
It does depend on your citys bylaws for recycle bins....
in my city, once its at the curb its city property so technically there are no laws against going through the bins as they are no longer on private property :)

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