Pride Toronto Parade! - Free swag!

Hey everyone!
Happy Pride week!
This past week was gay pride week in Toronto and there was an amazing parade to celebrate the unity and acceptance of gay people in Canada.
There is also ALWAYS tons of free swag!
Here's a list of all the freebies I got while at the parade on church/bloor street in Toronto:

22 x condoms
5 x lube packs
6 x pins
1 x magnet
3 x packs of dentyne gum
1 x cibc volunteer t-shirt
1 x reuseable bag
2 x beads
1 x flower lei
1 x calendar of scantily clad women LOL
1 x aviator style bud light sunglasses
3 x bags of candy
2 x lollipops
1 x travel size neutrogena sunscreen
1 x mini flashlight
1 x key chain
1 x day planner
2 x icoke pins (found on ground)
1 x pride fan
1 x pen
1 x portable condom card

Whew! I'm definitely tired but had an absolute fantastic time!
Looking forward to 2014 when Toronto holds World Pride!


Jenn said...

You can send that calendar my way, I'd be happy to take it off your hands, lol :p

c_mcarthur said...

LOl its yours :P

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