Frugal Tip: How to get ice for your cooler free

Hey everyone, this time of year is a great time for picnic lunches and camping trips.
A bag of ice can be very expensive depending where you buy it, but how else are you supposed to keep your food cool?

Well here's my frugal tip on getting ice for your cooler:

Go to Mcdonalds!

I'm not kidding, if you take your cooler to Mcdonalds and ask if they will fill it up with ice, they will! For Free!
This is a deal they don't usually advertise but will always give away.
When I worked at Mcdonalds years ago, people would come in all the time asking for ice and we would always fill it up.
Every year when I go camping or picnicing I always go to Mcdonalds to get my free ice and haven't had any issues as of yet!
Mcdonald's has a HUGE ice machine in their restaurant that makes their own ice so they always have a large supply.

Do you have a frugal tip?
Let me know!


Justine (CanDailyDeals) said...

Funny I just came back from camping. We bought some cubes ice and some block ice (that lasts much longer) I think they were like $2.50ish each, and we have a giant cooler too. Everything seemed to stay cool long enough.

This is a great tip though! I never would of thought of going there and asking.

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