Do you stockpile?

Hey everyone!
As couponers you may have heard the term ''stockpiling.''
This term means to keep a large quantity of items in your home.
A lot of couponers tend to stockpile large quantities of items that they have gotten free or nearly free.
Some people even have full closets, numerous shelving and pantries full of stockpiled items!

I for one don't stockpile much, the only exception would be FEMININE PRODUCTS!
I love to get these for dirt cheap because let's face it, us woman are unfortunate enough to have our 'friend' for almost 40 years!

Today I was sorting through my bathroom closet and decided to count up how much of each product I have.

Grand Total:
Tampons= 118
Pads= 34
Liners= 74

Wowey! I'm set for a while!

Do you stockpile?


Daniela said...

i'm with you, feminine products only. i probably have over 500 liners, 500+ pads and 250+ tampons. the kicker? i don't use any of them, I use a diva cup!

c_mcarthur said...

@daniela..... ive never heard of a diva cup.. i just googled it and wow thats definitely an interesting way to deal with your periods.... lol

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