Discounted CNE tickets!

Hey everyone!
That time of year again, the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) opens August 19- September 5 2011!
If you buy your tickets in advance you can save lots o $
Advance tickets are available from the CNE website, Lakeshore Go transit stations and Mac's convenience stores.

Here's a blurb directly from the CNE website:
CNE Early Bird Special
Buy your CNE pass before August 19 and save up to 31%!*

Online buyers also receive EXpress Entry at the CNE gate!
Online ticket holders don't wait in line; you can proceed directly to the entrance. EXpress Entry is not available at vehicle gates

Beginning Monday, July 25 at 10 am, online buyers can download a TDSB@CNE concert ticket with each online ticket purchased (maximum 4 with order)
While quantities last; feature acts include: DOWN WITH WEBSTER, Shawn Desman, Stereos and JRDN

Buy your tickets online and receive a Tiny Tom Donuts coupon: Buy two dozen donuts and receive a third dozen FREE
Limit one coupon per visit. Valid at any Tiny Tom location at the 2011 CNE

Receive a Pizza Nova coupon with your online purchase, valid for one FREE pizza slice with the purchase of any slice of equal or greater value and a drink
Offer valid only at Pizza Nova CNE locations in the Food Building and Kid's World; August 19 to September 5, 2011

Purchase your tickets online by July 31 and receive a coupon for a FREE Lick's Homeburger© or Nature Burger© or Gobbler© with the purchase of another or equal or greater value
Limit one coupon per visit. Not valid for retail products or combos or with any other special offers or coupons. Offer valid at participating Lick's restaurants until September 30, 2011


Admission Pass (All Ages)
Admission Only (regular price $16.00) (advance price $12.00)

Ride All Day Pass (All Ages)
Admission Plus Rides (regular price $52.00) (advance price $36.00)

To purchase advance tickets you can buy online here
Buy Online Here

Or from any Lakeshore go stations or Mac's convenience stores.

Click Here for participating Mac's stores.

For more information check out CNE website

*Note: There are corporate discounts available with special codes, UNFORTUNATELY I cannot post these as the second they get put out online to the public they get removed and are no longer valid.
If anyone's interested try google.

Freebies Received: Free smart water coupon

Hey everyone,
I received my FPC for smart water today!

I'm really confused as to how CP delivers mail because I'm missing freebies that I ordered months ago , but ones that Ive ordered recently have been arriving quicker.. People say that CP has gotten through the backlog but I don't believe that at all lol
Anyone else having this issue?

Monthly Wellness Pet Food coupons! Expires August 15th

Hello loyal readers,
Here are the monthly Canadian coupons for Wellness wet and dry dog/cat food.
These coupons expire August 15th 2011
They've added a new restriction of 1 print per offer.
So you can only use one coupon at a time when purchasing wellness products.

Save $1 on canned wet dog/cat food

Save $3 on dry dog/cat food

Frugal Tip: How to get ice for your cooler free

Hey everyone, this time of year is a great time for picnic lunches and camping trips.
A bag of ice can be very expensive depending where you buy it, but how else are you supposed to keep your food cool?

Well here's my frugal tip on getting ice for your cooler:

Go to Mcdonalds!

I'm not kidding, if you take your cooler to Mcdonalds and ask if they will fill it up with ice, they will! For Free!
This is a deal they don't usually advertise but will always give away.
When I worked at Mcdonalds years ago, people would come in all the time asking for ice and we would always fill it up.
Every year when I go camping or picnicing I always go to Mcdonalds to get my free ice and haven't had any issues as of yet!
Mcdonald's has a HUGE ice machine in their restaurant that makes their own ice so they always have a large supply.

Do you have a frugal tip?
Let me know!

Thrifty Deals! Score at TALIZE, clearance swimsuits and ROCKY HORROR!!

Hey everyone,
So I haven't gone swimming since I went on vacation last year (Los Angeles) and last week I went to dig out my swim suit only to discover *shocked gasp* that my bottoms have disappeared!
So being the end of July most of the stores are completely wiped of all swimsuits that a)fit and b) look good.
Finally today I scored big time!

La Vie En Rose Aqua:

2 x swim bottoms (regular price $34.99) clearance $1.99 = $3.98 - $1.47 gc= $2.51
That's a $67 of savings!!


2 x swim shorts $3.99 = $7.98
1 x pair of shorts $3.99
and here's the best part, I found a:
ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (special edition) vhs for $1.99!
I'm trying to collect every version of rocky horror media that I can and I was so so happy to find this!!!

So don't forget guys to always check out Talize, Value Village, Goodwill etc, you never know what you may find!

New coupon! Free BOGO coke coupon! - Icoke/websaver account needed

Hey everyone!
For all you icoke lovers out there, there's a new coupon available on for a Buy One Get One Free 12 pack of coca-cola!

To get this coupon,Click Here

Make sure to login in and once you purchase this coupon for 0 icoke points, it'll give you a code for you to enter on

Awesome coupon!

Freebies Received: Free Sensodyne and free Purex!

Hey everybody!
Finally got some freebies in the mail, it's been a while!
I got my sample of Sensodyne + $1 off coupon from the walmart freebie a while back and also got my Purex sample from the purex website plus a $3 off coupon!

I love freebies!

Free bottle of Nestle Pure Water- Mac's printable coupon

Hey everyone!
Mac's Canada is giving away free Nestle Pure bottled water up until July 31st 2011.
All you need to do is Print this coupon and redeem it at any Mac's store!

Great freebie for a very hot summer!

How to Refill Your Lysol No Touch Soap Dispenser! - Video

I posted my tip about how to refill your Lysol no touch soap dispenser about half a year ago but thought I'd bump it back up for all my new readers!

Hey everyone, for all those people who have a Lysol No Touch Soap Dispenser and want to save some money by refilling it yourselves, check out my VERY EASY How-to Video.

Shopping Deals! Almost free always, irish spring, free pop!

Hey everyone, did some shopping today, got lots of great deals!

3 x always pads $2.97- (3) $2 off coupons= $2.91 or $0.97 each
2 x irish spring $2.27 - (2) $2 off coupons= $0.54 or $0.27 each
6 x aquafina water $1- (2) B2G1 free coupons = $4 or $0.66 each
1 x sunlight dish soap $1.48- $0.50 coupon= $0.98
1 x coppertone sunscreen $7.97- $2 coupon= $5.97

PLUS there was a lady handing out free samples of degree deodorant :D
Also found a sheet of tums coupons :)

2 x alphabets $1.99- (2) $0.75 coupon= $2.48 or $1.24 each
1 x coke 2l- FPC= FREE
1 x hidden valley ranch dressing $4.49- FPC= FREE

Almost FREE irish spring soap! $0.27 each!!!- walmart

Hey everyone!
Saw another great deal in this weeks upcoming Walmart flyer, (july 22-28).
Walmart has 6pk Irish Spring soap on for $2.27, if you have the $2 off irish spring soap (6 x90g) coupon from the smartsource insert a few months back you can get the soap for $0.27!!!!
I only have 2 of these coupons left so you can bet i'll be using them! I love almost free soap!

Almost free Always at Walmart! $0.97 a pack!

Hey everyone,
This week (July 22-28 2011) Walmart has Always Pads on sale for $2.97, if you have the $2 off any always coupon (either from or from newspaper inserts)
you can get a pack for just $0.97!
That's an amazing price that you can't beat!
I'm definitely going to be picking some up this weekend.

Summertime homemade Popsicles!

Hey everyone!
It is HOT! today... Like melt off your face hot! LOL
So I decided to share one of my favorite homemade popsicle tips.
When I was a kid, we used to pour koolaid into popsicle molds (see picture)
and it was always a really yummy cold treat on a day like today!
All you need to do is pour any kind of fruit juice or koolaid into popsicle molds(make sure they have a stick attached for easy gripping) and let it set!
Why spend $6+ on a box of 12 popsicles when you can make your own at home!
Not to mention it can also be a much healthier option depending on what kinds of juice you use for your popsicles.
I haven't made these in years! I need to go get some popsicle molds!
I hope you all are enjoying air conditioner today, I know I am!

Recycle Bin Walk July 17- icoke, smartsource, and Glad coupons!

Hey everyone,
did a recycle bin walk on sunday and got lots of goodies!

-lean cuisine pin
-glad coupons from cereal box
-smartsource insert
-5 icoke pins
-sheet of food coupons from all bran box

Not bad for an hour of biking :)

Free Reactine Sample- Living Well

Hey everyone, is giving away free samples of reactine!

Click Here for your free sample of Reactine!
4651 left!
Must have an account with livingwell to get the freebie.

Click here for your free sample of Reactine!

Cold Stone Creamery- 50% off any ''love it'' signature creation

Hey everyone!
Cold stone creamery/tim hortons have a print-at-home coupon available for 50% off any 'Love it, size signature collection' ice cream.
Coupon expires Aug 4th, 2011

Click here for your coupon

Click here for a Coldstone Creamery near you

Free smart water!!! Facebook

Hey everyone!
Head on over to Smart Water Canada on facebook and "like" their page to get a coupon
for a free bottle of water! The link will redirect you to websaver.

click here for your coupon

Free Advil Nighttime! - Walmart

Hey everyone,
Walmart has Advil Nighttime 10s on rollback for $3.97, this rollback has been on for about 2 weeks so far so I'd imagine it might go for another week.
There's a coupon for $4 off any advil available from tearpads making this advil completely free!
In fact you get $0.03 towards the rest of your basket!
I've picked up quite a few over the last few weeks so this is a great deal!

Shopping Deals! July 17- Free advil and cheap pop!

Hey everyone
got some deals today thought I'd share :)

4 x schwepps gingerale 6 x 710ml $2.50 = $10 - (2) $2wub2 coupons= $6 or $1.50 each
4 x dr.pepper 6 x 710ml $2.50= $10 - (2) $2wub2 coupons= $6 or $1.50 each
(only showing 2 in picture - did 2 seperate transactions)

2 x advil nighttime 10s $3.97- (2) $4.00 coupons = + $0.06

All in all good deals :)

New coupons! Kelloggs coupons on

Hey everyone! has some new Kellogg's coupons up!

- $0.75 off Kellogg's All Bran Cereal
- $0.50 off Rice Krispies Squares Bars
- $0.50 off Kellogg's All Bran Bars
- $0.50 off Kellogg's Eggo Waffles
- $0.50 off Kellogg's Fibre Plus Bars
- $0.75 off Kellogg's Fibre Plus Cereal
- $0.50 off Kellogg's Special K Bars or Fruit Crisps
- $0.75 off Kellogg's Special K Oats & Honey Cereal

Click here for your coupons

Shopping Deals! Free always pads, cheap o.b. tampons!

Hey everyone, hit up SDM to get some more feminine products!
I got:

3 x o.b tampons $2.99 = 8.97- (3) $2 coupons = $2.97 or $0.99 each
1 x always infinity $6.99 (OMG) - FPC = FREE (tax included)

I LOOOOOVE stocking up on cheap feminine products :)

New Coupon: B1G1 free metro selections ice cream!

Hey everyone!
Metro has a great new printable coupon on their website for a B1G1 free selection ice cream novelty (24 pack)
Valid until July 21 2011
One coupon per transation.

Click here for your coupon

Shopping deals! July 14- cheap juice, cheap water

Hey everyone, did a little grocery shopping tonight!
I'm so low on food coupons its ridiculous :(

Here's what I got:

6 x rougemount juice $0.99= $5.94 - (3) $.50 wub 2 coupons =$4.44 or $0.74 each
3 x aquafina + water $0.99= $2.97- B2G1 free = $1.98 or $0.66 each
1 x jos louis $2.79- $0.50 coupon = $2.29


I FINALLY got my olay cleanser!
After 2 failed delivery attempts , talking to customer service 3 times, I FINALLY was able to pick it up at my closest purolator drop off. Thankfully its only 8 minutes away lol
Never had to work so much to get a stupid freebie :P

Do you stockpile?

Hey everyone!
As couponers you may have heard the term ''stockpiling.''
This term means to keep a large quantity of items in your home.
A lot of couponers tend to stockpile large quantities of items that they have gotten free or nearly free.
Some people even have full closets, numerous shelving and pantries full of stockpiled items!

I for one don't stockpile much, the only exception would be FEMININE PRODUCTS!
I love to get these for dirt cheap because let's face it, us woman are unfortunate enough to have our 'friend' for almost 40 years!

Today I was sorting through my bathroom closet and decided to count up how much of each product I have.

Grand Total:
Tampons= 118
Pads= 34
Liners= 74

Wowey! I'm set for a while!

Do you stockpile?

NOW LIVE!!! New Coupon: Free Olivieri Bread!

Hey everyone, Olivieri and websaver are giving away coupons for free Olivieri Bread!
Click here
to order your FREE Garlic Bread coupon from websaver and Oliveri.

Michaels Canada- Scratch Card event Save up to 30% on entire purchase!

Hey everyone!
Michaels is having its first coupon scratch card event from July 16- July 22nd.
Visit any Michaels store this week to get your scratch card.
Each scratch card is a coupon for between 10-30 % off your ENTIRE PURCHASE! Including sale items!
Card must be scratched in front of cashier to be valid.
There is the standard exclusions that are on all michaels coupons so make sure to read the fine print!

Freebies Received! mail brag july 11

Hey everyone!
Wow I was so shocked to open my mailbox today!
I got the following goodies:

- Coupon trade of 10 B2G1 free aquafina + vitamins water
- U by kotex freebie- 2 tampons, 1 pad from promo + $1 off coupon
- 3 websaver sheets of coupons including 2L coke FPC (
- 1 sheet of coupons
- 1 sheet of coupons
I also got my credit card bill BUT it's already paid so no worries there ;)

yippie! I love mail

BOGO Peek Freans Lifestyle selections- facebook

Hey everyone!
Peek Freans Lifestyle selections is giving away BOGO coupons on their facebook fan page
Click here to ''like'' Peek Freans on facebook and get your coupon now!

How to spot fake freebies- Article on SC

Hey everyone!
I read a really good article on how to avoid fake freebies and info grabbers over at

Read here:
"The lure of free stuff is a powerful marketing tool and is used to good effect by many savvy marketers. Unfortunately, not every free stuff offer is what it appears to be. There are lots of great free stuff offers out there, but you need to use some healthy skepticism and resist the temptation to fall for free stuff scams. Evaluating free stuff offers is pretty easy if you use a little common sense mixed with some knowledge and a bit of experience. Below are some tips to help you avoid the free stuff boondoggles:

  • Too good to be true - Most offers that appear too good to be true usually are. Examine the motivation for the free offer. A free trial size shampoo makes sense because they are trying to sell shampoo. A free vacation is unlikely, unless there are large hidden charges attached.

  • Suspicious websites- If a website has tons of Google ads and does not look legit to you, just skip it. Also, if a website has the words "free" (Example: in it's address name, it is not a real freebie and is a scam. If a website looks badly constructed, has lots of spelling and grammatical errors, bombards you with downloads or pop ups you should ask yourself - "Do I trust this website with my information and are they really going to send me a freebie?" The answer could well be no. If a website has enough money to send out thousands of freebies - why haven't they spent the same amount of money developing a profession looking website? The answer could be that they have no freebies to give out and only want your details.

  • URL- If the website URL is from a free hosting domain such as yahoo or tripod, don't take a chance. Surely a real company could afford an address without hosts.

  • Use an alternative email- when signing up for freebies, it's always good to use a alternative email, not your main one. That way, if you do fall for a scam, it will all go to your other side account and not clog up your main one. I recommend a yahoo or hotmail or gmail account because they have good storage and junk mail filter.

  • Win-win?- Usually, when the company give out freebies, they do it so people can sample their products and possibly purchase them in the future. If the website is offering "free samples", look for a link or something back to the company. If there is no link or address, how will customers contact them again to buy products? No company would willing give away thousands of products with no way for contact.

  • Owner?- Do you know who owns the site? If they are giving away "free dove samples", is URL If it's not the actual company offering the product, it is likey a scam.

  • Don't pay for prizes - If you get email or postal mail proclaiming you the winner of a great prize and all you have to do is pay a fee to claim it, don't. It' s a scam and the only winners are the scammers.

  • Read the fine print- If the site looks suspicious to you, read their FAQ or Terms of Agreement(if there is one). Does it guarantee that you'll get the freebie or that it is not a scam? If it says it's not affiliated in any way with the product, or anything like that, move on.

  • Beware email collection scams - Most of the sites that consist of nothing but a form offering free stuff are there to collect email addresses for spammers. These sometimes have long lists of offers or "newsletters" you can subscribe to. If you are tempted to sign up for these, be sure to use a disposable email address.

  • Banners & Pop-Ups- If the freebie comes to you from a banner or pop-up while surfing the Internet, it's probably best to pass. This is especially true if the freebie advertisement takes you to a website other than homepage of the freebie product being offered.

  • Survey Scams- Never complete any surveys that state the word "FREE" in the headline. In other words, if the survey states something like "Fill out this survey and you will receive a free $50.00 gift certificate. They are actually trying to find out which products you would be interested in purchasing while you are filling out this long screening process. Do not give them your email address or credit card number. You will receive hundreds of junk mail everyday, and still not receive your $50.00 gift certificate until you purchase at least $400.00 of merchandise!
And remember: Always research any paid survey site by researching scams and or, place the name of the company in your browser and use the word "scams" beside their name. This should tell you whether or not this company is a scam artist."

If you want to check out the whole forum
Click here

Dollarama Accepts Manufacturer coupons!

Hey everyone!
As of July most if not all Dollaramas accept manufacturer coupons!!
Check out my video on how to score free nivea hand wash with coupons at Dollarama!

Walmart rollback Satin Care shave gel $1.50 free with coupons!

Hey everyone, check out my video I made on how to get gillette satin shave gel for free using the walmart rollback and coupons!

Shopping Deals July 10th - coupons at dollarama? free nivea, free shreddies free meat!

Hey everyone!
Did a little shopping today and got some great deals!

3 x satin care shave gel rollback $1.50 = $4.50 - $5wub3 = +$0.50
1 shreddies w/ $12 worth of coupons on back $2.97- FPC= Free
1 x country naturals sliced meat $3.97- FPC = FREE
1 x special k bars $2.88- $0.50 coupon= $2.38

Pet Valu:
2 x 5.5 oz wellness cat food $1.99= $3.98- (2) FPCs= FREE
2 x 3oz wellness cat food $1.59= $3.18- (2) FPCs= FREE

3 x nivea hand wash $2= $6 - (3) $2 coupons = FREE

New Coupon! B1G1 free Tim Hortons/ Cold stone creamery

Hey everyone!
Cold stone creamery/tim hortons have a print-at-home coupon available for B1G1 free 'Love it, size signature collection' ice cream.
Coupon expires July 28, 2011

Click here for your coupon

Click here for a Coldstone Creamery near you

New Coupons! KY Intimacy Experiment $8 in savings

This freebie is for adults only!
KY on facebook is giving away $8 worth of coupons from for their new 'Intimacy Experiment' Promo.
All you have to do is 'like' them on facebook, click on coupons and you'll be redirected to
Click here to get your coupons!

Free Febreze set and refresh! Facebook

Facebook and Febreze are giving away free Febreze Set & Refresh air fresheners.
All you have to do is ''like'' them on facebook and fill out the form to get yours!

Click here to get your free febreze set & refresh!
There are only 7500 available!
6-8 weeks to arrive.

Freebies Received: Free Shreddies and dove sample

Hey everyone!
I love getting mail again.... :)
today I got my shreddies FPC and the Dove nutritive therapy sample from the facebook promo awhile back before the strike.

New coupon! $1 off package of weight watchers mini baguettes

Hey everyone!
For those of you who follow the Weight Watchers program, I have a great coupon for you.
Save $1 on your purchase of weight watchers mini baguettes.
Expiry October 31 2011
This is a print-at-home coupon.

Click here to print your coupon

Acronyms and Abbreviations!

Hey everyone!
I've had numerous people asking, ''what on earth does ______ mean?"
So I've decided to compile a list of all the acronyms and abbreviations I use when posting new coupons or deals.

AC = After Coupon
BOGO = Buy One, Get One Free
B2G1 = Buy Two, Get One Free
B3G1 = Buy Three, Get One Free
FPC = Free Product Coupon
HV = High Value
IP = Internet Printable Coupon
MIR = Mail In Rebate
NED = No Expiry Date
OOP = Out of Pocket
PM = Price Match
Peelie = coupons that are attached to products
POP = Proof of Purchase
SCOP = Scanning Code of Practice
Tear-pad = Coupons attached to a pad in store
TFT = Toonies for Tummies coupons
TMF = Try Me Free
WUB = When You Buy

Store Acronyms:

GT = Giant Tiger
SDM = Shoppers Drug Mart
WM = Walmart
NF = No Frills
FB = Food Basics

Hope this helps!

Free Sample- Purex laundry detergent

Hey everyone,
Purex is giving away free samples of detergent to Canadians.
Click here to get your sample!
mine said 6-8 weeks to arrive. :)

Freebies Received: Coppertone Beach Bag, FPCs and an angry mailman?

Hey everyone!
Got a bunch of awesome freebies today in the mail ;)
First though I wanted to tell you guys that I think my mail man was mad today (Not in regards to the Canada post situation) because when I went to open my mailbox, all my mail was scrunched up , bent and creased and when I pulled an envelope out everything came out and fell on the floor...LMAO
Here's a pic of my mangled mail:

I had taken a video to show you guys but stupid me forgot to blank out my address that was VERY visible.. not that I don't love you guys and all ;)

Anywho on to the freebies:

FPC Saybon Candy
FPC Schneider's country naturals sliced meat
Bogo Dr.oetker shirriff mousse
FPC whiskas fancy feast x 4 cans (your welcome mom!)
Free Beach Tote from Coppertone
+ other miscellaneous coupons

Good mail day!

Pride Toronto Parade! - Free swag!

Hey everyone!
Happy Pride week!
This past week was gay pride week in Toronto and there was an amazing parade to celebrate the unity and acceptance of gay people in Canada.
There is also ALWAYS tons of free swag!
Here's a list of all the freebies I got while at the parade on church/bloor street in Toronto:

22 x condoms
5 x lube packs
6 x pins
1 x magnet
3 x packs of dentyne gum
1 x cibc volunteer t-shirt
1 x reuseable bag
2 x beads
1 x flower lei
1 x calendar of scantily clad women LOL
1 x aviator style bud light sunglasses
3 x bags of candy
2 x lollipops
1 x travel size neutrogena sunscreen
1 x mini flashlight
1 x key chain
1 x day planner
2 x icoke pins (found on ground)
1 x pride fan
1 x pen
1 x portable condom card

Whew! I'm definitely tired but had an absolute fantastic time!
Looking forward to 2014 when Toronto holds World Pride!

July Wellness Cat/Dog food coupons!

Hello loyal readers,
Here are the monthly Canadian coupons for Wellness wet and dry dog/cat food.
These coupons expire July 21st 2011 and are print-at-home coupons.

Buy 3 Get 3 free Wellness cat cut cans 3 oz (minced, cubed, sliced)

Save $3 on dry dog/cat food

Shopping Deals! July 2- free advil and $3 timmys cards

Hey everyone,
did a little shopping today... didn't get much.. almost everything I wanted was out of stock :(

Canadian Tire:
2 x $3 tim hortons gc
Purchased aluminum foil for $0.89 and All purpose wipes for $1.99 to get 2 tims cards from the scratch cards lol

1 x advil nighttime $3.97- $4.00 coupon = +0.03 towards tax LOL

Yup that's about it.
Hope everyone else has a good long weekend :)