Freebies Received: Free stride gum! with coupon!

Hey everyone,
I think my mailman must be crazy because I checked the mail this morning, same time as usual and I had mail.
I go to leave for work and I see more mail in my slot...
I'm thinking huh? Didn't I already check the mail?
Yea so apparently after dropping off my first set of mail the mailman came back and left more ! ha ha I'm not complaining!

I got a pack of free stride gum, from the facebook freebie!
plus it comes with a $0.50 coupon for any single stride pack with an expiry of May 1 2012!! whoa!

I looooooooooooooove freebies!


Tara @thriftycanadianshopper said...

haha that's funny. Checking the mail every day is so much or exciting when I regularly have freebies coming my way! :)

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