$2 Old Navy Tanks! + free dipping sauce

Okay I know the title sounds weird but here's my story :)
I went to Old Navy today to get the $2 tank tops with the pre- sale coupon available Here
(this coupon is valid all day today)

The actual sale starts tomorrow!
I got 9 tanks @ $2 each with a savings of $67.50!! WOWEY!
I'll be set until next year for sure!

I got to the store an hour before it opened and I was the only person waiting LOL
By the time 10am came along there was about 6 people waiting and by 1015 there were approximately 20 people milling around the tank tops.
At my store unfortunately the selection of colours was slim, but I still managed to snag 9 tanks.
Also if you plan on buying some tanks, buy a size smaller, these tanks STRETCH and I'm not even kidding you, they really stretch alot!!

After my shopping I decided to get a slice of pizza for lunch, and on the bottom I peeled off the sticker and won a free dipping sauce(wub a slice)!
Wooo! Pizza Pizza just isn't good without the garlic dipping sauce :)


Justine (CanDailyDeals) said...

Way to go! Are the tanks the longer kind?

c_mcarthur said...

yea they are , i prefer that kind :)
but they're like super stretchy so buy a size smaller :P

Daniela said...

I love these tanks! I picked up 10 white ones today for layering. I would say buy your regular ON size, though. I wear a small (or sometimes an XS) and the small tanks are perfect. I accidentally picked up the XS last year, and they were too short

Tara @thriftycanadianshopper said...

Nice finds! I already have way too many tanks so I decided to pass on this deal, but it was a good one :)

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