Free sample- Maynards blush berries- facebook

Hey everyone!
Maynards Canada is offering free samples of candy on their facebook page.
All you have to do is ''like'' them and play their game.
Once youve played for 30 seconds the free offer pops up :)
Offer expires July 23, 2011 or when all the weekly samples have been given away
2500 samples available.
Click Here to like Maynards Canada!

Freebies Received: Mr.Clean magic eraser

Hey everyone,
a couple weeks ago (before the mail strike) I ordered a freebie mr.clean magic eraser from Brandvoice (P&G) and received it in the mail today!
I love these erasers, their amazing!

Motley Crue and Poison Concert! $19 tickets! zomg

Hey everyone!
I went and saw Motley Crue and Poison at the Molson Amp in Toronto, and guess how much I paid?
Only $19.11 per ticket!!
Pizza Pizza was having an amazing deal on tickets at the Molson Amp this summer, where once you enter their promo code of ''1111Pizza'' you can get tickets for $15 plus service charges.
These tickets were lawn seats, but lawn seats went for $35 so we got a savings of $16!
We had an amazing time seeing these classic rockers =)

Motley Crue


If your interested here's a short video of Motley Crue performing ''Shout at the devil'' and of Poison performing '' Every rose has its thorn.

5 Cent Coke on Canada Day!

Hey everyone!
Coca-cola and Mac's store are celebrating Canada Day by offering a 414ml bottle of coke for only 5 cents!
All you need to do is print this coupon and take it to your local Mac's convenience store.

Be sure to go early because they sell out VERY quickly.

Free Always Liners! At walmart!

Hey everyone,
Check out my video on how to score free always liners from walmart with coupons :)

Shopping Deals! June 26- almost free icecream, free quaker and cheap VH

Hey everyone,
did the biweekly grocery shop tonight and used some coupons.
Here are my highlights:

Food Basics:

3 x nestle parlour ice cream @ $1.97 = $5.91 - $5 any ice cream coupon (cereal box)= $0.91 for all 3 or $0.30 each!! WOOOW
4 x VH sauce @ $1.99 = $7.96- (2) $2wub2= $3.96 or $0.99 each!
1 x Asana yogurt @ 1.99- $0.75 coupon= $1.24
2 x rougemont apple juice @ $0.99 = $1.98 - $0.50 wub2= $1.48 or $0.74 each
1 x quaker cafe bars $2.69- FPC (quaker oatmel box)= FREE

Total savings: $12.94

I think I did good :)

$2 Old Navy Tanks! + free dipping sauce

Okay I know the title sounds weird but here's my story :)
I went to Old Navy today to get the $2 tank tops with the pre- sale coupon available Here
(this coupon is valid all day today)

The actual sale starts tomorrow!
I got 9 tanks @ $2 each with a savings of $67.50!! WOWEY!
I'll be set until next year for sure!

I got to the store an hour before it opened and I was the only person waiting LOL
By the time 10am came along there was about 6 people waiting and by 1015 there were approximately 20 people milling around the tank tops.
At my store unfortunately the selection of colours was slim, but I still managed to snag 9 tanks.
Also if you plan on buying some tanks, buy a size smaller, these tanks STRETCH and I'm not even kidding you, they really stretch alot!!

After my shopping I decided to get a slice of pizza for lunch, and on the bottom I peeled off the sticker and won a free dipping sauce(wub a slice)!
Wooo! Pizza Pizza just isn't good without the garlic dipping sauce :)

Free Box of Shreddies Coupon- Facebook-websaver

Hey everyone!
Freebie day!
Shreddies on facebook is giving away a FREE box of shreddies!
Click Here and ''like'' shreddies for your free box!
Websaver account needed.
20,00 available!

Free Cheerios! Redeemed!

Hey everyone, did you redeem your FPC for the free chocolate cheerios?
I did before work this morning.
I also found some shreddie coupons in metro.

And on the way to work I found an icoke pin! Yaaay

I also saw another lady in metro behind me in line who was also using the free cereal coupon! hehe what are the odds!

Recycle Bin walk: June 19 2011- icoke, free icecream

Hey everyone, I've been really busy these last few days so I haven't been posting much.. sorry!
I went on a recycle bin walk on Sunday night and scored some goodies:

6 x icoke pins
1 x fpc for free ice cream (up to $5 value)
1 x fpc for Quaker cafe squares
4 x $2 always pads or liner (I for see a lot of free liners)- These coupons were in the Toronto star

Not bad!

Free always infinity pads!- facebook

Hey everyone!
Always pads on facebook are giving away coupons for free boxes of always infinity pads!

Click Here and ''like'' them for your free box!

How to make EASY yummy deviled eggs

Hey everyone,
My family seems to LOVE my version of Deviled Eggs, so I thought I'd share my recipe I use to make easy delicious deviled eggs.

6 large eggs (I usually use 8 eggs because at least 1 or 2 break)
1/4 cup of mayo
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of pepper
1/4 teaspoon of vinegar

Put 6-8 eggs into a pot of cold water and bring to a boil,
once the water is boiling A LOT, take the pot off the heat and let the eggs sit in the hot water for 30 minutes.
After the 30 minutes is up fill up a bowl with cold water and use tongs to put the eggs into the cold water.
Let the eggs sit in the cold water for about 20 minutes.

Once the eggs are completely cool , start peeling!
Once your done peeling make sure to wash the eggs in cold water to get all the pieces of shell off.
Your next step is to cut the eggs!
Grab a knife and turn the egg on it's side, cut through the egg with a sharp (not serrated) knife.
Pop the yolks into a separate bowl and put the egg shell onto a plate.

Next step is to mash the eggs with a fork, and add the rest of your ingredients.
Once thoroughly mixed your next step is to fill the egg shell with the filling.
I like to use a decorator bag with a tip and coupler to hold the tip in place.
(you can use different tips to create different shapes of the filling for a nice visual effect)
Fill the eggs with your filling and sprinkle paprika on the tops of the eggs and your done!

Bulk Barn Printable coupon... $3 off your $10 purchase

Hey everyone,
Need to stock up on dried goods or ingredients for an awesome cake?
Well, Bulk Barn has a printable coupon for $3 off your purchase of $10 or more.

Click Here for your coupon.

Free cup of skinny cow ice cream, again!

Hey everyone,
Skinny Cow is giving away another FREE cup of Skinny Cow ice cream
on their facebook page in case you missed it the first time!

The coupon is print at home and is valid until July 3, 2011.

Go to Skinny Cow Facebook to get your coupon today!

I've had trouble finding these cups, anyone know where to find them?

Shopping Deals! Sat June 18 video brag- Cheap TP free pizza

Hey everyone!
Did some shopping today and got some great deals.
Check out my video brag and see a breakdown below:


1 x special k bars PM freshco $1.99- $0.50 coupon = $1.49
2 x glade fabric refreshers $2.37- (2) $1 coupons = $2.74 or $1.37 each
3 x Delissio pizzas $3.97 - $12 off manufacturer coupon = +0.09

No frills:

1 x oasis juice $2- $0.75 coupon= $1.25

Shoppers drug mart:

3 x royale toilet paper 24 rolls $3.99 - (3) $1 off coupons = $8.97 or $2.99 each

What deals did you score today?

New rewards on Icoke! FPC for coke!

Hey everyone!
icoke has some new rewards up for grabs including the usual cineplex, empire tickets.
These new rewards are for coke products!
You can redeem 3,500 points (vip) for a FPC for a 2L bottle of coke or 6,500 points (vip) for a 12 pack of coke.

Go to icoke
to get your coupons today!
The coupon is through and will be mailed to you!

Sweet shopping deal! $0.50 for pack of o.b. tampons!

Hey everyone!
I scored an awesome deal today,
Shoppers drug mart had o.b tampons on sale for $2.99 and I used (2) $5wub2 coupons and got 4 packs for $2 or $0.50 each! ZOMG O.b. tampons rarely go on sale so I was ecstatic when I saw the Ad!
Check out my video of me talking about the deal.

We have a winner!! Julie Martin on facebook!

Hey everyone!
I've drawn a winner for the latest contest on my blog.
The winner is:

Julie Boutilier Martin!!!
I've messaged the winner and am waiting for information to send out the prize!

I hope you all enjoyed this contest, if you'd like to see more contests in the future, leave a comment!

Old Navy $2 tank tops! One day only Sat June 25th!

Hey everyone,
got some insider info that Old Navy is having their annual $2 tank top sale on Saturday June 25th 2011!
These are the rib knit tanks that stretch ALOT! So I recommend buying a size smaller.
5 tanks per customer. Most stores open at 7am.

I'll definitely be there by 630am!
I LIVE in tank tops all summer. =)

Free Olay samples!- Facebook

Hey everyone,
Olay on facebook is giving away free olay gifts!
Check out their page at Olay Facebook and click ''start celebrating'' to get your free gift!

Free Mr.Clean magic eraser! brandvoice

Hey everyone!
Brandvoice/ P&G everyday solutions has samples of Mr.clean magic erasers up for grabs again!

Check out
Brandvoice and login to obtain your sample!

Free Pack of Schneiders country naturals! - facebook, websaver

Hey everyone!
Schneider's Country Naturals is giving away 5000 free coupons when you ''like'' them on facebook and vote for your favourite country naturals product!
I chose Honey Ham! YUM

You'll be re-directed to websaver where you can order your coupon!
Click here for your coupon
Schneiders Facebook

Blogger Bugs and a New Domain name!

Hey everyone,
I've had a few followers tell me that apparently the comment box isn't letting BLOGGER users comment using their user name.
I checked the help section and apparently this problem has been on the go for a couple weeks and is ''being worked out''
You can always comment as anonymous or entering your name manually.

Also I wanted to update that I've upgraded to a new domain.
You can visit my blog via !
Google will redirect anyone who visits my old domain of so you'll still be able to see my blog if you go through the old address.

As always thanks for reading and following my blog! You guys are what keeps me posting :)

Recycle Bin Walk: June 12, Smartsource,icoke, brandsaver!

Hey everyone!
Did a recycle bin walk last night and got some goodies!
I got:

2 x complete smartsource coupon inserts, 1 non complete copy (not pictured)
1 x complete P&G insert
1 x complete redplum insert
2 x icoke pins
1 x stouffers pin
3 x drumstick aeroplan pins
1 x sheet of kimberly clark coupons

I also saw 2 other people out doing the same thing so thats probably where all the coupon inserts are going! (shakes fist) lol

Anyone find anything good this week in the recycling?

Free Printable Coupon: Baskin Robbins $1 off your purchase of $4 or more!

Hey everyone, got this flyer from baskin robbins the other day,
after you visit a baskin robbins, head to
Baskin Robbins Feedback
and tell them about your visit to get a $1 off your purchase of $4 or more, print at home coupon!
Note: this coupon expires 14 days after your survey and you have to ''like'' them on facebook after the survey to get your coupon.
I love this offer because you can get 2 scoops for the cost of 1 scoop with the coupon.. woo!

Freebies Received: Free triscuit and tote!

Hey everyone!
Got some freebies in the mail earlier this week.
I got:

1 x fpc for FREE box of triscuit crackers (facebook promo)
1 x trillium hospital tote bag (not sure which freebie this one was lol)

What did you get in the mail this week?

New contest! Thanks FB fans!

Hey everyone!
So I made a deal with my facebook fans that if they could reach 80 fans I'd hold another contest!
Woah! In less than 48 hours I got 25 new fans! You guys rock!
To show my appreciation, I'm holding an awesome contest.

Im giving away the following HIGH VALUE coupons:
- B1G1 free thinsations snacks
- FPC for FREE stouffers bistro product
- B1G1 Free Cineplex admission
- Mail in rebate for free Airwick Freshmatic

To enter please POST A COMMENT ON THIS blog post.
Please mention where you follow me from, ie: Facebook, Smartcanucks, Blogger, etc.
If you a facebook follower , please include you last initial so I can award the winner correctly.
This contest will run from today (friday june 10- wednesday June 15)
I will pick a winner via

GOOD LUCK and thanks for reading my blog, you guys mean the world to me!

Cineplex: Earn SCENE points on concessions!

Hey everyone!
Do you have a SCENE card?
If you do you should know that you earn points every time you go to the movies, and if you bank with Scotiabank, you can also get a SCENE debit and SCENE credit card which can triple the points you earn!

Cineplex just announced that the SCENE card now gives you points on the
concession combos!
You can earn 75-150 points depending on what combo you choose and you still get
10% off any concession food!

For more information on the SCENE program and how you can earn points check out
SCENE website

Free cup of Skinny Cow ice cream!

Hey everyone!
Skinny Cow on facebook is offering a coupon for a free cup of skinny cow ice cream for liking their page!
This is a printable coupon and is valid until June 19 2011.
Go to Skinny Cow Facebook to get your coupon today!

Recycle Bin walk June 5th- AWESOME HAUL!!

Decided to ride my bike around the neighbour hood instead of walking, much faster!
And I got a great haul of goodies!

3 x P&G brandsaver coupon inserts
1 x mangled, cut up P&G brandsaver insert (some good coupons still :P)
2 x redplum coupon inserts
4 x icoke pins
2 x B1G1 free cineplex movie passes
1 x fpc eggos

Nothing better than getting rewarded for exercising with coupons!

Free BBQ sauce and FREE advil nightime!

Hey everyone,
did a little ''free'' shopping today =)

I got:

2 x irrestibles BBQ sauce $1.99- (2) FPC from metro facebook= FREE

4 x advil nighttime $4 each - (4) $4 off coupons = FREE
(just had to pay tax)

I love shopping for free don't you? :)

How to: Collect Icoke points for free!

Hey everyone, I made a video showing you how you can collect icoke points for free!!
Check er out below!

Shopping Deals! Free Always, free bbq sauce, cheap tp

Hey everyone!
Went shopping today with my mom and sis and scored some awesome deals.
I got the following:

Walmart:1 x stouffers sensations $4.97- FPC= FREE
2 x schwepps 6x710ml $1.97 = (2) $1 off coupons = $1.94 or $0.97 each
1 x orange 6x710ml $1.97- $1 off coupon= $0.97
1 x dr.pepper 6x710ml $1.97- $1 off coupon = $0.97
1 x Always liners $2- $2 coupon = FREE
2 x special k bars $2.47 - (2) $0.50 off coupons = $3.94 or $1.97 each
2 x O.b. tampons $3.92 - $5wub2 coupon = $2.84 or $1.42 each

Giant Tiger:FINALLY found sweet baby rays bbq sauce lol
2 x sweet baby rays bbq sauce $1.99- (2) $2.00 off coupons = +$0.02
2 x majesta 8 double roll tp $3.49 - $5wub2 coupon = $1.98 or $0.99 each
1 x bounce dryer sheets 80 $3.97- $1 off coupon = $2.97

Food Basics:
1 x nesquick chocolate milk $3.29- FPC= FREE

Now off to woodstock for my friend's birthday :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Free Irresistible Barbeque sauce at METRO!- Printable

Hey everyone,
Metro on facebook is giving away printable coupons for FREE irrestibles barbeque sauce!
Just ''like'' them on facebook, and print your coupon!
Valid June 3rd- June 9th 2011
Click here for Free BBQ sauce
Free BBQ

*one coupon per account, each coupon has a unique code on bottom to prevent people from printing 50*

Freebies Received: Free Nesquick, $5 mcdonalds Giftcard and cineplex!

Hey everyone!
Wanted to share some goodies I got in the mail today.
Let's all cross our fingers for a no strike as of tomorrow morning!!!

I got:
FREE Nesquick FPC 946ml coupon
$5 McDonald's gift card (icoke)
2 cineplex movie passes (icoke)

I love good mail days!
On behalf of all the people out there who love to check the mail everyday, I sincerely hope Canada Post does not strike as of 12:01am tonight :(

Freebies Received: Free stride gum! with coupon!

Hey everyone,
I think my mailman must be crazy because I checked the mail this morning, same time as usual and I had mail.
I go to leave for work and I see more mail in my slot...
I'm thinking huh? Didn't I already check the mail?
Yea so apparently after dropping off my first set of mail the mailman came back and left more ! ha ha I'm not complaining!

I got a pack of free stride gum, from the facebook freebie!
plus it comes with a $0.50 coupon for any single stride pack with an expiry of May 1 2012!! whoa!

I looooooooooooooove freebies!

Freebies Received: Free natural instincts hair dye coupon

Hey everyone,
I received my FPC for the free Clairol natural instincts hair dye from the offer on facebook!
So don't fret, you'll get yours soon!