Where to find coupons! updated 2013

Hello everyone!
I've had a few people ask me just exactly where they can find all these great coupons that I talk about.
So I've decided to compile a list of types of coupons and sites for everyone to check out:

Online Mail to home coupon sites:
www.save.ca- Now with Printable Coupons too!
www.websaver.ca- Now with Printable Coupons too!

These are the 4 main mail to home coupon sites.

Newspaper coupons:

- Coupons also come in newspapers usually twice a month.
- There are two main inserts called Redplum and Smartsource,
P&G brandsaver also comes out every couple of months.
- Depending on your area is where your coupon inserts will be included in your newspaper.
- For example, I live in Mississauga, so my coupon inserts come in the Mississauga News.

Here is a list of the dates that these coupon inserts are released for 2013:

SmartSource 2013
January 5
January 26
February 9
March 2
March 23
April 6
April 13
May 18
June 8
June 22
July 27
August 24
September 14
October 5
November 2
December 7

Redplum 2013:

January 12
February 2
March 9
April 6
May 4
June 1
July 6
August 10
September 7
October 5
November 16

Print at home coupons:
There are many printable coupons available at our disposal you just need to know where to look!

A Couple popular printable coupon sites are:


Here is a list of the current print at home coupons from one of my favourite websites, smartcanucks:
Printable Coupons List on Smartcanucks

Some retailers do not accept printable coupons but the following store do accept them:
Shoppers Drug Mart
Real Canadian Superstore
Giant Tiger
Thrifty Foods
Highland Farms

- I highly recommend printing in colour, yes it costs more BUT you are less likely to get any hassle from cashiers if your coupon is bright and colourful.
- Many people encounter problems trying to redeem b&w coupons.

Tear pad Coupons:

Coupons are available in stores on teapads or through vendor demonstrations.
New coupons are put out every month in store.
Here is a very helpful link from my friends at SC on every coupon available from tear pads:

Current Tear pad coupons on Smartcanucks

Facebook Promos:

A lot of companies on facebook love to give away either free products or free coupons, just for liking their page!
This happens regularly on facebook as companies are always looking to gain more fans, and to do so they offer great giveaways!
I always post when these offers are either going live or when they are live so we can all get them.

A few Notes:

- Do not abuse coupons by printing 50 of the same coupon just because the item you'll be using it on becomes ''free'' with said coupon.
- Do not clear shelves, this is a practice known by couponers who clear an entire shelf because the item becomes free with coupons... Be a nice couponer and leave some for others.
- Do not take an entire coupon pad off the shelf, leave some for others.
- Always read your coupons, some have restrictions and if a store doesn't get reimbursed for your coupon they are less likely to accept them in the future.
- Always check your expiry dates.
- Never, EVER, photocopy an actual coupon, the store you use it at will NOT be reimbursed.

Happy Couponing!!


Cathy said...

Good advice for coupon etiquette! Sad in a way that this kinda thing isn't self evident and needs to be explained but I'm not surprised it needs to be addressed. It's the "entitlement" issue. Well we just have to hope "MOST" people understand and don't ruin it for others.

Daniela said...

Great list, and nice reminder about coupon etiquette!

I noticed you don't have this site listed

c_mcarthur said...

thanks for your comment @Daniela, but I do have gocoupons.ca listed :)under ''online mail to home coupons''

MotivatedMom said...

Thank you for posting this

c_mcarthur said...

@motivatedMom, your very welcome :)

FrugalShopper said...

Great List, thanks for saving me some money! :)

Cathy said...

Add Freshco to your list that price matches and accepts printable coupons. They just started doing it.

Anonymous said...

Great post!! I am a beginer and this was very helpful!!

Anonymous said...

Freshco now accepts printables as well. I saw the big huge sign in their front window here in London Ontario this past weekend.

c_mcarthur said...

Yes Thank you, I had forgotten to add that one, altho I did know they accept printable coupons :)

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