Wellness Pet food coupons June 2011

Hello loyal readers,
Here are the monthly canadian coupons for Wellness wet and dry dog/cat food.
These coupons expire June 15th 2011

Save $1 on canned wet dog/cat food

Save $3 on dry dog/cat food


Jo said...


i am new to couponing and i want to make sure i am doing this correctly, so if you could let me know if i am doing anything wrong please do!

Petsmart this week has their Wellness canned food on sale buy 5 get the 6th free. I want to stock up for the next couple months and buy 48 cans of cat food. I am wondering if i am able to print and use 40 of this coupon for the 40 cans i will be paying for (8 will be free).

The coupon states "Limit one coupon per purchase. Not valid with any other coupon offer."

This does mean that i can use one coupon per item i am buying right? I would be able to use all 40 coupons since they are all the same, not another coupon offer, correct?

c_mcarthur said...

Hi jo!
technically yes you can print 40 coupons and use them because per purchase means per item purchased.
BUT I would call ahead and make sure you can use them only because you dont want to waste all that ink if you end up not being able to use them.
Hope this helps!

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