Shopping Deals! Free toothpaste, cheap razors, popcorn!

Hey everyone, did some shopping today and got the following deals:


2 x lysol disinfectant sprays $3.47 = $6.94- $2wub2 coupon = $4.94 or $2.47 each
2 x orville redenbacher popcorn PM Freshco $2.22= $4.44 - $2wub2 coupon = $2.44 or $1.22 each
1 x glade fabric refresher $2.37- $1 coupon = $1.37
1 x venus razor $4- $2 coupon = $2
4 x crest toothpaste $0.88 - (4) $0.75 coupons = $0.52 or $0.13 each
1 x colgate total $1.47 - $1.50 coupon = + $0.03

savings today = $9.50

Here's my story:
I had heard that some walmarts had a few of the $4 venus razors left so off I go to check the razor case, and what do I see? 2 left!!!
So I did a happy dance, got an employee to open the case and gave one of the razors to my sister :P
I was so excited to find these razors left!

I also did another happy dance when I saw that the glade fabric refresher (like febreze) was on for so cheap and I knew I had a coupon somewhere, I found it and did a funny dance haha.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome... I am trying to build my coupon stash so that i have a bunch to go thorugh when there are deals.. or just maybe i will be the lucky winner of your giveaway!!! Thanks for posting these stories!!! Melissa Laferriere

Daily Deals said...

I got a subscription to some magazine I didn't even want so I can try your trick. Remind me the next time I can do it, mkay?

Cathy said...

just a test

Cathy said...

so thats what it is, if i do it thru google chrome it works when i choose googgle as my profile...

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