Recycle Bin walk- May 15th..... Smartsource, icoke, stouffers!

Hey everyone,
Went on a rainy recycle bin walk this evening and I managed to snag the following:
1 x recent smartsource
1 x icoke pin
1 x lean cuisine pin

Small haul, but I figure no one wanted to bring out their bins while it's raining!
Maybe some better luck tomorrow on my way to my volunteer job.

Does anyone else like to do recycle bin walks?


Justine (CanDailyDeals) said...

Living in a condo, I don't have the luxury of going through people's recycle bins lol, we just have the giant ones outside or the chute and I am not jumping in those! I've never ever ever received a smartsource flyer either. :(

c_mcarthur said...

get this, ''apparently'' apartment and condos wont ever receive the smartsource or P&G or redplum.
I was told that they aren't distributed in the flyers that go to buildings..... wtf eh

Anonymous said...

I live in a middle class area and just got up the courage. Last night took the dog out late (in the rain) and found 2 smart source booklets and a canada dry container with $2 off. It totally paid off.

c_mcarthur said...

That's great!! It's amazing how some people just throw away money!!

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