Received! Chocolate Cheerios and FREE ICOKE PINS!!

Hey everyone!
I was in the middle of a post yesterday when apparently so Yahoo knocked down a cable pole down the street from my house causing everyone in my neighbourhood to lose all cable and Internet! Oh man it was a quiet night ! LOL

Anyway, I was posting how I received my free chocolate cheerios coupon! woo
I also wanted to mention that Burger King is holding a promotion right now in partnership with ICOKE.
Every medium or large drink cup has a code under the lip for a free Itunes song!
But after you enter the code, you can choose to keep you points instead!
Luckily for me, I work in a plaza with a burger king... So after work yesterday I found 6 cups!! 3000 icoke points free!! yippie!

You can enter 10 pins a week via Icoke Website

Don't forget to enter my contest!!
My Contest post!


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