Freebies received! Wellness, Glad, always, aquafina FPC!

Hey everyone!
I got a bunch of the recent freebies I've been chatting about in the mail today!

I got:

FPC kellogs special K BUT it expires May 15th! Woah! I only have 10 days to use it! Yikes!

2 x FPC for aquafina (facebook freebie)

1 x free always pad (not sure why I received this tbh)

1 x Glad garbage bag (was SUPPOSED to be a coupon for a free box, but apparently they ran out and all of the rest of us suckers only got 1 free bag)

6 x fpc wellness canned cat food 3 oz
6 x fpc wellness canned car food 5.5 oz
(wellness had a voluntary recall because a batch of their wet cat food had less than proper levels of vitamin B12... so they offered to replace any cans we had.. and woah they sent me way more fpcs than cans I had)

Hurrah for freebies :)


Justine (CanDailyDeals) said...

Nice freebies. Too bad that kellogg's coupon expires so soon!

c_mcarthur said...

i kno :( but! The coupon is valid on the size that has the FPCs on the box haha! So im on the lookout for the special k with the promotions on them..... Same with the free vector BTW

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