Freebies received!!!! + Cherry coke!!!!

Hello everyone!

This morning I decided to cash in some of my FPCs.
Went to metro and got:
1 special K blueberry with Yogurt - fpc= Free
1 Bottle of aquafina- fpc = Free

Pet Valu:
2 x cans of wellness wet food -fpc= Free

Also, yesterday one of my coworkers (who is super nice) went to the states over the weekend, and brought me back a case of cherry coke!!!!

Lol, my cat deedee jumped in the photo the last second =P


Cathy said...

she jumped into the pic cos she KNEW that food was for them!!!! the way got my freebies and gift card already from stouffers...just not as many coupons this time.. last time i got 5, this time 3...oh well guess thats cos the promotion is ending/changing...

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