Free Box of Triscuit Crackers!!! -----Facebook

Hey everyone!
Today's a great freebie day,
Triscuit and facebook are giving away a free box of triscuit crackers!

Check out Triscuit Canada Facebook, ''like'' them on facebook and fill out the form for your free box!

Personally I LOVE triscuit crackers, especially with cheese melted on them. Yum!


Cathy said...

hey kiddo got the info and sent off for the free crystal light and triscuits...funny thing is happening when i come to your blog thru facebook or thru my favorites the curser has a meltdown, i cant comment or close it it wont respond etc but when i come here from google reader all is fine...odd hmmm?

c_mcarthur said...

that is odd...hmmm!
technology these days lol

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