Diaper cake! How to do it for cheap!

Hello everyone,
Anyone who's been to a baby shower recently has probably seen a new fad in gifts called a 'Diaper Cake'.
Basically a diaper cake is a ''cake'' made up of diapers and other baby essentials.
You can really make up a diaper cake however you want.
Here's what mine looked like:

Here's my list of supplies used and what they cost:

1 x Pack of 32ct size 3 pampers diapers- Clearance at SDM for $6 - $3 off coupon mailed from the company = $3 or $0.09 cents a diaper
1 x Pack of 72ct size 2 huggies diapers- PM Zellers sale at Walmart for $7.97 - $3 coupon mailed from company = $4.97 or $0.07 cents a diaper
1 x 1 size 1 diaper mailed from eco diaper company = free
(I've been told by other moms that the ideal cost per diaper should be under $0.13 so I think I did pretty good!)

1 x Lady bug ribbon $5.99- 50% off coupon at Michaels = $2.99
1 x 2ct lady bug felt clips $3.49- 50% off coupon at Michaels = $1.74
1 x Lamb stuffed animal Clearance at Michaels = $0.70
1 x Curly ribbon Clearance at Walmart for $0.25

Total cost for entire diaper cake= $13.65

Many people like to add more to their diaper cakes however I decided to maximize my coupons and savings by putting together a HUGE laundry basket full of baby stuff.

Let's just say my sister is really happy with her baby shower gift :)


leah said...

Thats a really adorable diaper cake.

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