Coupon Etiquette- What not to do

Hello loyal readers,
I was in walmart shopping sunday when I noticed in front of the colgate total (which was on sale for $1.47) that an ENTIRE PAD of colgate coupons had been ripped off the tag and thrown on the shelf sans coupons.
The coupons which were ripped off were the ''Save $1.50 coupons'' making the product free with the sale.
I thought I'd post a picture of it and show you that this is something us fair couponers SHOULD NEVER DO.
Not only is it not fair to everyone else it's rude!
Sometimes that ''extreme couponing'' show sets bad examples of what people can and will do to get as many as they want and who cares about everyone else.
*shakes head*


Cathy said...

Makes me shake my head too but the ones who have that mentality and we KNOW who that is will never admit to wrongdoing, they just waste our time and their own trying to justify their actions as we've seen here before on your blog. Greedy people are just that GREEDY and nothing they can say, no matter what they plan to "donate" will ever be justifiable in my eyes. It's an entiltlement issue at its absolute worst.

lili said...

What can you do with 100 toothpaste... Me myself and I...

Have a great day because there is nice people in couponing :)


c_mcarthur said...

I totally agree that there are nice people in couponing, but there's that sliver of not so nice people which is unfortunate :(

lili said...

I agree

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