Awesome deals all around! With some minor bumps along the way....

Okay, todays shopping is gonna be a story! lol

First stop:
Mac's, armed with my 5cent coke coupon, I go in only to be told, sorry we sold out hours ago.... grr left empty handed... this is the closest Mac's and im not about to drive around the city wasting more gas than the coke is worth lol.

Second stop:
I got:

2 x motrin 72s sale $7.26- (2)$5 = $2.26 each or $4.52
4 x evolve ziploc baggies sale $1.48 - (2) $4wub2 coupons = $-2.08
1 x Aquafina $1.50- FPC = FREE
1 x pampers wipes travel $1.97-$1 coupon = $0.97
1 x mr.clean sprayer $2 / mr.clean bottle $2- $1.50wub2= $2.58

Now here's the story.
I was planning on doing 2 seperate transations for the printables because this walmart doesn't let you use more than 1 of the same printable in a transaction.
SO, first cash I have my motrin 2 ziplocs and aquafina..
as the cashier is ringing thru my coupons shes reading the ziploc one, a bossy CSM barges over takes the coupon from her and starts tellin me NO NO NO u cannot use this!
I ask her why not it says ''any'' ziploc.
Then she tells me theyve had trouble all morning with this coupon and it has to be the one in the picture!!! and she kept point at the picture
and im like no... it says ANY , any ziploc should apply.
then she starts going on about the wording saying ''specified product''
and im like yea ANY ZIPLOC..
She wouldn't let me use it, so I said '' FINE, give me back my coupon, i'll go price match at zellers where they actually want my business."
So, fuming, I walk around the store a bit and think, you know what screw her, im going to try a different checkout.
So I go downstairs and get a GREAT CASHIER!! He was so nice and even complimented me on what great savings I have.
I did 2 seperate transations and he applied the overage to my other purchases and taxes.

Third stop:

1 x huggies wipes travel $2.49- $2 coupon = $0.49
4 x pop $1.33 each (not pictured)

Fourth stop:

2 x cheese sale $3.97
4 x Budding meats sale $0.75 - (2) $.55 coupon wub 2 = $1.90 or $0.47 each
2 x budding meats sale $0.75

Now normally I wouldn't show a picture of something I didn't use a coupon for , but this cheese was like a present from my karma friend!
I get to fresco and all they have is cheddar old and mild... I really wanted the marble because I love it and it's best of both worlds LOL
So after digging through the bin, im about to give up and walk away.. I'm standing there wondering if metro price matches.. and BAM
a man walks up and dumps 2 blocks of marble back into the bin!
I yell out loud OMG YES! and grab them, which people stared at me haha
So I believe that after the crap I was given at walmart I was touched by good karma!

Hope you enjoyed my story haha, Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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