Recycle Bin Walk April 3rd

Hey everyone,
So you may have heard about a new trend for the frugal called a ''recycle bin walk''
I myself have been an active recycle bin junkie for the past few years.
I sometimes even find great stuff in the dumpsters.
Alot of people are timid or are too afraid to take the plunge or even some that say they would never ''go through other peoples garbage.''
People throw away so much stuff, why not rescue what you can use?

Today I went for a walk around my neighbourhood and collected 2 Brandsaver coupon inserts and 3 icoke caps with points.
So for an hour of excersise I got free coupons and free reward points for icoke.
Not bad!

Here are some tips I'd like to share for those who want to venture into recycle bin hunting:

*Go the night before garbage day
*Go at night, or after it gets dark (your less likely to have someone ask you what your doing)
*Bring a flashlight
*Bring a durable reuseable bag to carry your finds
*Dress for the weather
*Don't spend too much time at each bin you come across
*Have fun!

If you have a community newspaper bin take a visit a few days after the coupon inserts come out and jump in!
If your just going through small house recycle bins be quick and efficent!


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