Received Stouffers promotion coupons + $10 free walmart gc

Hey everyone! I received my stouffers rewards coupons + $10 GC today from the newest promotion!
Positive view : I got this for free without actually having to buy stouffers products
Negative view: It took over 9 weeks to receive the coupons and giftcard

*Have you ever heard of the stouffers rewards program?
Basically what you do is , collect 12 pins off of the inside of participating stouffers or lean cuisine products. In return you receive $15 worth of FREE stouffers products and a $10 Gift card to ANY participating store. (which you pick upon registration)
Once you have all your pins you can enter them on the stouffers rewards website
Stouffers Rewards

They then send you a confirmation email and within 4-6 weeks(supposedly) you recieve your reward!

You're allowed to enter the rewards program twice within the rewards period.
There are usually 3 reward periods per year.

What if you don't eat stouffers products regularily enough to gather enough pins?
You could always ask family members for their empty boxes or you could do what I like to call, ''Recycle Bin Walks''.
Go for recycle bin walks on garbage day, your almost guaranteed to find stouffers boxes poking out of people recycle bins.

I collected 12 pins without purchasing any.
I got some from my mom, some from recycle bin walks, and some from trades on SC.
So for $0 I got $25 worth of free stuff. =)


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