Icoke Rewards

Hey everyone,
have you heard about Icoke rewards?
Basically whenever you buy a coke product, there's usually a pin on the inside of the cap or printed on the inside of the box.
Once you enter the pins you can redeem for ''rewards''
There usually isn't much in regards to ''great'' rewards because when they are put up they run out fast!
Every Tuesday, a pizza pizza $10 GC goes up for 20,620 points or 16,500 for VIP members.
Every Wednesday a pair of 2 cineplex movie tickets go up for 38,437 points or 30,750 for VIP.

To become a VIP member all you have to do is go to your profile and enter your cell phone number. It's a pretty good deal since theres always a discount for VIP members.

Some past rewards have been magazine subscriptions, canadas wonderland passes, CNE passes, etc.

If you drink coke alot or know someone who does, you can enter up to 10 pins per week (equals 5000 points per week).
Click Here
to setup an icoke account today!

It can take up some time to collect so many points, but you can always win points on the icoke game.
You can play up to 20 x per week using the Free Play Link
This link takes you to a survey and a captcha code, once you fill it out, you get to play for free.
If you wish to NOT play for free, you can also redeem 250 points per play.
You CAN win on this game, Ive won about 7000 points so far in about 2 weeks of playing.
In past icoke games Ive won a t-shirt, a prize pack, free cocacola products, and movie tickets.

Sooo unless you like pepsi better, you should definitely check out icoke!


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