Holy Moly Awesome Mail day! P&G mystery package, FPC

I went to check the mail this morning and holy moly!
Good mail day for sure!!!

I got:
Brandsampler which had the following
-Head and shoulders shampoo
-Herbal Essences shampoo & conditioner + 50c off coupon
-Scope mouthwash
-Puffs tissues with sheet of coupons
-Olay facial cloth
-Pringles stix

2 Websaver sheets of coupons INCLUDING FPC for Dempsters Baguettes and FPC for Glade Sense and Spray!!
1 sheet of P&G coupons

PLUS a mystery package I have to go pick up cuz the postman was too lazy to buzz my number at my apartment.
I haven't ordered anything recently so I'm guessing either a coupon train that was too large to fit in my mailbox, or a ROAK from a friend on SC....
I can't pick it up till 5 pm tho so I'll update later once I get it :)


Anonymous said...

I got the P&G brand sampler, got everything didn't get the mouth wash though!

c_mcarthur said...

awesome! I love the brand sampler, those tiny shampoos are great for when going on vacation :)

Anonymous said...

hi i wanted to ask how to sign up for P&G coupon and have them mailed to my apartment

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