Free Reuseable Bulk Barn Bag with $10 purchase

Bulk Barn is giving away free reuseable bags when you purchase $10 worth of product before taxes. April 15th to 21st
I think its a pretty good deal for those peoples out there who love to bake.

*Deal credit to: CDD

I LOOOOOVE reuseable bags, I have probably around 80 and im always constantly adding to the collection.
My first reuseable bag was from Fabric Land, just before the hype of reuseable bags started up.
I remember thinking it was so neat and for $0.50 couldn't pass it up.
It said, ''sewing is my bag'' LOL
What was your first reusable bag?


Cathy said...

from basics...decided one day to buy 12 at a dollar a bag and still have em and that was probably 5 years ago...did you know though that you are supposed to keep the milk and meat ones seperate from all the others and to wash em once or twice a month? i didn't til recently when I read a report about cross contamination!

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