Free icecream, free pop and cheap pop!

Did a little shopping today, got the following:

1 x chapmans 2l ice cream $4.49- $5 coupon = (FREE)-0.51 towards the rest of my purchase
1 x 2L dr.pepper, 2L schwepps gingerale, 2L orange crush 3/$5 or 1.66 each - $1wub2= 3/$4 or $1.33 each
1 x 2L coke - FPC = FREE

In case your wondering where I got the awesome $5 off chapmans ice cream coupon, all you have to do is email the company mentioning that you'd like the yearly chapman's coupon and within 4-6 weeks you receive it in the mail :)

I got the $1 off pop coupon from a tearpad in a store, and the FPC for the coke from a icoke contest :)

Who doesn't love free stuff?


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