Free Cottonelle Fresh Wipes!

Today is an awesome day for freebies!
Cottonelle is giving away FREE cottonelle fresh wipes!
There was a freebie like this last year and im glad they are bringing it back!

Check out Free Cottonelle Fresh Wipes
for more info on how to get yours!


Cathy said...

Cool thanks babe, appreciate the freebie and I passed it on to sister so she can bve fresh as a babys bum toooooo lol

Cathy said...

hey kiddo, i tried to print out a coupon from stayfree for 2 dollars off, it says the expiry date is dec 31 2011 but when it printed the exp date was march 31 2011...any idea why? i did try earlier to print it then discovered my printer was kaput and had to buy a new one....could that be it cos i tried earlier so it knows my ip address and thinks im scamming?

by the way i got a cool epson printer 4 in 1 for 44 bucks from walmart and THIS time i bought a 7 dollar warrenty...ridiculous that the other died so quick i only used it less than half a dozen times

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