Free Box of Special K or Corn Flakes or Vector! -

Hey everyone!
Found this freebie this morning, its the royal wedding related but who cares its free! LOL

Check out Free Kellogs Cereal
where you get to pick 1 of 3 free boxes of kellogs cereal.
Either Special K, Corn Flakes or Vector.
I chose Special K :)

If for some reason that direct link doesn't work try this one
Free Kellogs Cereal link 2
and click on the left hand side where it says ''free cereal''

*Keep in mind after you open the window once, if you try to open it again, it says ''page restricted'' so they are tracking your IP.


Cathy said...

Got my freebie and although I didn't know that, cos I only clicked on it once, I'm glad to see they are putting a stop to greedy gus' like mrs january and all others like her. It's because of people like her that some stores are refusing to accept internet coupons. What originally was offered as a way to get coupons out to people to try new things, rapidly became lets print off 20 of these coupons and clear the shelves. I don't blame the stores because they only want their money back from the companies and all of a sudden the companies are faced with having to pay out 10s of thousands of dollars because people couldn't just have the "take one" mentality.

So the next time people start bitching about high prices, they need to realise that being greedy hurts us all and only ends up in higher prices for items at the grocery, the companies have to make their money back somehow and they ALWAYS pass the cost on to the consumer.

Jumping down off my soap box now.....

cassie said...

Okay, Cathy, how exactly am I greedy? Because I happen to get more coupons than you? Over half of the stuff that I get with coupons is donated, so I'd hardly consider myself greedy. I never clear shelves and I'm always giving coupons away to people in the stores, online and in my community.

Cathy said...

Anyone who takes more than 1 or 2 of anything is abusing the system. Regardless of your claim that you donate, etc, the fact is that stores ARE stopping people from using printable internet coupons because of abuse. I was merely pointing out that if people would print only one or two then it wouldn't have been a problem and stores wouldn't be adverse to accepting them. As it is, a few have ruined it for the rest. If indeed you are "Mrs. January" I seem to recall a post of hers bragging about getting 2 dozen boxes of ziplock baggies for free or next to nothing...I have to wonder who needs baggies donated? Unless your a drug dealer who on earth needs that many boxes of baggies? Not very environmentally friendly either.

Whatever, we will just have to agree to disagree, I dropped her from my reader because of claims of clearing the shelves and the baggie thing.

I share coupons I'm not gonna use as well and I also drop them ontop of items in stores so some lucky person will find them and be able to use them. The one thing I DON'T do is print more than 1 or 2 coupons off, I won't be a party to ruining it for others no matter how "pure" my motives may be.

Cathy said...

I see you are "Mrs.January and you have indeed posted about clearing shelves in regards to deodorant and dish soap etc, posts where you talk about making sure its ok to clear said shelves with the store manager. If you are gonna say things that are not true you ought to remember you have archives that people can SEE.


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