Free 711 Slurpee!!

I dont know about you guys but I Loooooooove 711's slurpees!
Altho there's absolutely NONE in my city whenever I go to toronto I always stop by a 7-11.
So all you have to do to get your free slurpee is sign up for their mailing list, confirm that you subscribed in a e-mail they send you, then print the coupon they send you!
7-11 Free Slurpee

You can only use it once and it expires April 30th.
I love what it says once you sign up, heres the quote
''Be advised that only one coupon will be issued per email address. In other words, being sneaky and using 341 different email addresses is not encouraged.''
LOL that funny.

Enjoy your slurpee!! What's your favourite flavour? Mines coca cola LOL


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