Food Basics, Walmart deals!

Went out shopping with my mom and sister today, got lot's of new ''professional'' clothes courtesy of my mom as a birthday present , yay!
Then I got some deals using coupons.

Food Basics:
1 x old el paso taco kit sale $2.99 - $1 off coupon = $1.99 + Free movie snack coupon
1 x smart fiesta taco kit sale $2.99 -$1 off coupon = $1.99

2 x pampers travel wipes $1.97 - $1 off coupon = 0.97 each or $1.94 for both
2 x o.b. tampons 18 ct $3.98 - $5wub2 coupon = $2.96 or $1.48 each

Now I'm freaking tired and ready for bed, but I think im gonna do a recycle bin walk tonight if the weather holds up.


Cathy said...

you need to show a video modelling all said new professional clothe!!!

c_mcarthur said...

lol I dont think so :P

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