Dentist Freebies + Free magnets

Hello everyone!

I went to get my teeth cleaned today and got the usualy freebies you get with your cleaning. (toothbrush and floss) But I also got coupons! Did you know most dentist offices hand out coupons promoting particular brands?
In this case they were handing out Colgate coupons.
save $1.50 wub any colgate sensitive toothpaste
save $1.50 wub any colgate 360 sensitive toothbrush

Now I don't particularily need these coupons so I'll most likely trade them away with fellow couponers.
If you don't see the coupons sitting out, ask for them! 99% of the time, they will have coupons available at your dentist office!

I also made a stop at Pet Valu today to get cat litter, yea a 30lb bag of envirolitter (amazing litter btw) and lugged it home walking.. yea im crazy.
I only live about a 5 minute walk from pet valu but still wowza.
Anyway , while at Pet Valu they have free magnets available at the cash.
Im not a dog lover, but I LOVE magnets, my fridge is FULL of magnets.

It's been an obsession of mine since I was a kid, when I used to re-arrange all the magnets on my grandmas fridge.

Just for kicks I thought I'd include a pic of my magnets on my fridge!


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