Another Great mail day!

Hey everyone, I went to get my package from the post office and was surprised to get a welcome pack from similac. Im not sure why I got this since I only remember asking for coupons for my pregnant sister.
This formula and stuff is useless for me now because shes usuing nestle good start instead.
It comes with $15 worth of similac cheques a $5 off coupon a 365 g similac advance with omega a-3 & omega 6 (step 1 0+ months) powdered forumla, Similac Sensitive lactose free infant forumla 385ml concentrate (step 1 0+ months)
If anyone in the Mississauga area wants to do a trade or wants to buy this off me, send me an email under my contact information on the top of my blog ;)

I also received my shoppers voice survey coupons today!
Shoppers Voice is a company that provides surveys that take approx 20 minutes. After youve completed them they send you coupons approx 12 weeks later. and they are usually really good!
A few highlights from what I got are:
- 1 free always pad
- 1 free mott clamato juice coupon
- sheet of free airwick freshmatic starter kit coupons (1 for instore and 5 MIR for friends)
you can check out Shoppers Voice for more information!


Samantha said...

Wow, I love Mott's tomato juice, nice score.

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