Prize from Icoke!

Hey everyone,
I received my prize pack from the latest icoke game!
The game ended back in February and ive been waiting patiently for my prize!
The box it came in was HUGE!

I got:

4 x coke cups
1 x orville redenbachers popcorn (3 count)
1 x Yahtzee game
1 x FPC 2L coke expiry November 30 2011

I received this prize for free! I played the npn method on icoke and won! yay
see my video below of me opening it :D


Cathy said...

right on! nice score chris, you get the best mail! all i get is bills and the occasional coupon...think i'm gonna bitch at clairol about our foam coupons, they need to get their act together lol oh by the way i got my crystal light samples

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