Mail Brag! wow

It's rare to get a great coupon/ freebie mail brag in one day! Im so shocked! haah
Yesterdays mail was amazing
I got 4 crystal light packagaes + crystal light coupon
1 poise pad and 2 poise liners + poise coupon
Sheet and a half of coupons
a HUGE envie from a member on Smartcanucks for a trade we completed.
Wow, can't get over how great the mail was yesterday! LOL

I love to hear comments from my readers, feel free to post comments!
What did you get in the mail today?


Cathy said...

always cool to not get bills in the mail! by the way i saw the dye foam at walmart, have you heard when theyre gonna mail the canadian coupons for it ? they promised it over a month ago and havent heard anything since

c_mcarthur said...

Ive heard a few people have received them this week so just keep on waiting! lol

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