Free Vaseline!~

So today is one of those, dark days, I say dark days because it's a day where I couldn't find anything to make a good deal, that I didnt need!
I Could have got more free shaving cream but I already have 4 cans.
I'm not greedy..
This was the 3rd walmart where the entire shelf of stayfree was cleared....
*sigh* looks like im going stayfree-less lol

I did manage to get something free today =)
I got 1 325ml bottle of vaseline intensive rescue hand cream free!
Vaseline on facebook had a promo running a while back to receive a fpc from for free vaseline. I decided to cash mine in and voila, free handcream!

Now on to my rant

On a forum I visit frequently, a poster was bragging about getting 60 boxes of ziplocs for free when WM had them on 2/$4 using a save $4 wub 2 PRINTABLE coupons.
They used 30 printed internet coupons. That's ridiculous, when people ABUSE coupons like that it makes it harder for the rest of us to use them.
I got turned away because I had 2 printable coupons....
Companies will stop offering such great coupons if people are abusing them.
So please everybody, be kind and fair when using coupons :)


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