Cross-Border Cherry Coke!!!

First off I think I should express how much I LOOOOOOOOVE Cherry Coke!
When I was a kid I used to buy it all the time whenever I had money. Dill Pickle chips and cherry coke... MMMMMM
A few years later cherry coke got discontinued and I guess I never really noticed it until I wanted one.
Well after some research it turns out that coke discontinued selling cherry coke in canada because apparently it's not as well liked as in the states and wasn't making enough revenue.

So when I went on vacation to Las Vegas 2 years ago I was determined to find Cherry Coke... the first store we came to I went in and it was like a magnet drew me to the chery coke. I grabbed a bottle and once it was paid for I ripped off the cap and took a huge sip.... I cant even explain how good it tasted... AMAZING.
On my Vacay I drank a lot of cherry coke but since we had carry on luggage I couldnt take any home and no there wasnt any cherry coke in the airports :(

Fast Forward a month or so BF and I head to buffalo to buy some cherry coke, we get a few cases but they are gone within 2 months. :(
The next time I had cherry coke was our last vacation in sept to Los Angeles, where I drank alot of it :D and was surprised to find that subway had fountain cherry coke!

So now 5 months later we had to go to buffalo to pick up someone from the airport and we HAD to stop in walmart to get Cherry coke and we even got a deal on it!

5 cases of 12 cans x 2.98 + 0.40(bottling fee because its bottled in buffalo)= $3.38 each using a currency calculator apparently $3.38 american = $3.29 canadian.
So 5 12pk cases of cherry coke $3.29= $16.45
Which is amazing since 12pk pop here costs anywhere from 4.99 to 6.99 depending where you go.
Im just happy I have my cherry coke :)

*Note * Apparently there are a few stores in Toronto that get cherry coke imported from buffalo so im on a mission to find it and be rest assured that I can get my fix if I really need it =P


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