Cheap Gingerale + Smartsource!

Hey everyone!
So ive decided Im going to try and use up as MANY of the march 31st expiries that I have but at the same time save money.
Any I wont use, im RAOKing on the shelves!

SDM has pepsi/coke products 6 x 710 ml packs on sale for 2/$5
So I got:

2 x schwepps gingerale $2.50 each - (2) $1 off coupon = $3 or $1.50 each
BUT I noticed when I got home that the cashier took of $3 of coupons instead of $2, so I only paid $2 for both! or $1 each! wow
That's an amazing deal, I hope the cashier doesn't get in too much trouble but there's not much I can do now.

I also aquired 2 smartsources coupon inserts!
I'm happy because they have BOGO mars products in them. yay.
I can't tell you how excited I am for the brandsaver insert next week :D

Here's a picture list of all the coupons:
*Borrowed from smartcanucks
click here

Have a great shopping weekend!


GhostsOfDecember said...

Sweet deal on the gingerale! :D

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