Brandsaver coupon inserts in your local paper!

Depending on where you are and what papers you get delivered, the wednesday march 30th edition of the mississauga news, has the new brandsaver insert!
It's the same list as the new online brandsaver coupons but brandsaver is notorious for taking up to 2 weeks to get them in the mail!
So if you managed to find one in your paper, yay for you!
I successfully managed to find 3 copies!

Here's a list of all the coupons inside the insert in case you missed my last post:

$5 wub 2 Tide/Downey
$1 Bounce bar
$0.50 Bounce dryer sheets
$2.50 Vicks NyQuil/DayQuil
$0.50 Charmin product
$0.50 Bounty paper towel product
$0.50 puffs product
$1.25 wub2 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs
$1.50 Cascade Action Pacs
$0.50 Cascade product
$1.00 wub2 Dawn products
$1.50 wub2 Mr.Clean
$0.50 Magic Eraser
$0.75 Mr. Clean spray
$0.50 Mr. Clean liquid
$1.50 Swiffer sweeper starter kit
$1.50 Swiffer refills
$1.00 Swiffer duster or dust & shine
$3.00 Swiffer WetJet starter kit
$5.00 Swiffer sweeper vac starter kit
$3.00 wub2 Smart beauty buys (Covergirl Simply ageless foundation, Olay ultra moisture body wash, Clairol nice n' easy, Perfect 10, Pantene Nature fusion moisture balance shampoo and conditioner, venus embrace, crest 3d white strips with advance seal, olay regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream or Secret fresh effects cucumber aloe)
$1.00 old spice product
$3.00 wub 2 old spice product
$0.50 Herbal Essences
$3.00 wub 2 covergirl products
$1.00 wub1 covergirl product
$1.00 Natural Instincts hair colour
$3.00 wub2 Natural Instincts hair colour
$2.00 wub1 Olay Cleanser, Body Wash or Hand & Body product
$5.00 wub2 Olay Cleanser, Body Wash or Hand & Body product
$3.00 Venus ProSkin razor
$2.00 any Venus razor
$2.00 Venus disposables
$1.00 satin care (198g +)
$2.00 Head & Shoulders (680ml, 700ml,1000ml) shampoo or conditioner
$1.50 Head & Shoulders wub1 Conditioner
$2.00 Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor
$2.00 Gillette 3-bladed disposable
$2.00 Gillette Fusion ProSeries
$1.00 Gillette antiperspirant
$5.00 wub3 Gillette product
$0.75 Duracell coppertop batteries
$1.25 Duracell Ultra batteries
$5.00 Duracell USB charger
$2.00 Duracell Hearing aid batteries
$2.00 Iams Dog food
$0.50 Iams wet dog or wet cat food
$2.00 Iams dry cat food
$0.75 Crest paste
$0.50 Glide floss
$4.00 wub 1 pampers wipes and 1 pampers diapers
$3.00 Pampers Easy ups, underjams or splashers
$2.00 pampers baby-dry, swaddlers or cruisers
$1.00 pampers wipes
$1.00 Crest Pro-health for me paste
$1.00 crest Pro-health for me rinse
$1.00 crest Pro-health for me manual brush
buy 1 febreze 800ml fabric refresher get one febreze noticeable single warmer free
$2.00 wub 2 Febreze products
$4.00 wub 3 Febreze products
$1.00 Nice n' easy hair colour
$3.00 wub 2 Nice n' easy hair colour

Now the fun begins! Cutting them up.
Do you have a certain method in cutting your coupons? Paper trimmer? plain ol scissors?
Personally I prefer to use scissors ;)


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