Walmart Deals + first PM and greedy people

So today I did my first price match!!

I decided to check out zellers just in case they may had any huggies left on sale. Nope so I priced matched at walmart! Yay no probs

I got:

1 x 72 count huggies regular 17.99 PM zellers $8.99- $2.00 off coupon = $6.99 total!
2 x Airwick -B1G1 free= $5.98 for both
2 x ziploc evolve sale $2 each- b2save $4= FREE
1 x Green Giant veggies sale $2 - $1 off coupon= $1

Now heres why I dislike greedy people
the ENTIRE SHELF of stayfree 18 count were empty, thanks whoever cleared the shelf!!!
I know their on sale for $2 but I can only imagine how many people printed multiples of the $2 off coupon and cleared the shelves. Thanks to them I couldnt get any.

Also, I was infomed by customer service that you cant use multiples of the same coupon. I had 2 ziploc coupons and they said I could only use one..... So for everyone who used multiples of that coupon, lucky you.

Just want to add that people should really consider others when clearing shelves.
Not only is it not fair for everyone else, but your abusing the coupon.
Printing 20 of the same coupon just because using it with a sale will get you 20 things free doesnt make it right.
Unless your donating the things your clearing off the shelf you have no excuse.

Be a fair couponer!


Cathy said...

yup skanky ppl who stack coupons and clean out the shelves making it impossible for other consumers to get any deals, and then brag about it on their sites...never heard of share and share alike or being environmentally conscious when they get 20 boxes of ziplock baggies for free...guess they never heard of living green! Just greedy is all.

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