Sick.... but still got a deal!

So loyal readers :) I have a cold and am up to my elbows in tissues ugh but I did go out earlier with my mom and sister to a trip to walmart :)
I brought along my coupon binder and managed to score a small deal.
I got a 20pack of always liners, FREE.
Regular price $2- $2 coupon mailed from company.
It just goes to show that you can use coupons on trial sizes :P
That's the only deal I got since I'm not really in need of anything.
I read this moto somewhere and I love it, "It ain't a deal if you don't need it''
How true :P
Well I'm off to go swimming in some more tissues.


The Deal Demon said...

yay I saw those yesterday, thought they were soo cute LOL but i Didn't get any, i didnt have a coupon =P

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