Is it worth it?

Im sure some of you have thought the dreaded sentence, ''Is it even worth it?"
YES It always is!

Today during the bi weekly grocery shop I used 4 coupons, totaling $2.00 off products.
Some people might think it's only $2 yea well that $2 I just saved you didnt!

I got:

4 x rougemont apple juice 0.99 = 3.96 - (TFT)Save $0.50 wub 2= $2.96 (0.74 each)
2 x Vachon jois louis sale 2/$5 - (TFT)Save $0.50 wub 1= $4 ($2 each)

There's a batch of new coupons out that are called Toonies for Tummies (TFT) most of them are a lower value but every little bit counts right?
They are redeemable at Food Basics, Metro, RCSS and a few other stores.

(sorry no pic this time)


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