Sick.... but still got a deal!

So loyal readers :) I have a cold and am up to my elbows in tissues ugh but I did go out earlier with my mom and sister to a trip to walmart :)
I brought along my coupon binder and managed to score a small deal.
I got a 20pack of always liners, FREE.
Regular price $2- $2 coupon mailed from company.
It just goes to show that you can use coupons on trial sizes :P
That's the only deal I got since I'm not really in need of anything.
I read this moto somewhere and I love it, "It ain't a deal if you don't need it''
How true :P
Well I'm off to go swimming in some more tissues.

Walmart Deals + first PM and greedy people

So today I did my first price match!!

I decided to check out zellers just in case they may had any huggies left on sale. Nope so I priced matched at walmart! Yay no probs

I got:

1 x 72 count huggies regular 17.99 PM zellers $8.99- $2.00 off coupon = $6.99 total!
2 x Airwick -B1G1 free= $5.98 for both
2 x ziploc evolve sale $2 each- b2save $4= FREE
1 x Green Giant veggies sale $2 - $1 off coupon= $1

Now heres why I dislike greedy people
the ENTIRE SHELF of stayfree 18 count were empty, thanks whoever cleared the shelf!!!
I know their on sale for $2 but I can only imagine how many people printed multiples of the $2 off coupon and cleared the shelves. Thanks to them I couldnt get any.

Also, I was infomed by customer service that you cant use multiples of the same coupon. I had 2 ziploc coupons and they said I could only use one..... So for everyone who used multiples of that coupon, lucky you.

Just want to add that people should really consider others when clearing shelves.
Not only is it not fair for everyone else, but your abusing the coupon.
Printing 20 of the same coupon just because using it with a sale will get you 20 things free doesnt make it right.
Unless your donating the things your clearing off the shelf you have no excuse.

Be a fair couponer!

Is it worth it?

Im sure some of you have thought the dreaded sentence, ''Is it even worth it?"
YES It always is!

Today during the bi weekly grocery shop I used 4 coupons, totaling $2.00 off products.
Some people might think it's only $2 yea well that $2 I just saved you didnt!

I got:

4 x rougemont apple juice 0.99 = 3.96 - (TFT)Save $0.50 wub 2= $2.96 (0.74 each)
2 x Vachon jois louis sale 2/$5 - (TFT)Save $0.50 wub 1= $4 ($2 each)

There's a batch of new coupons out that are called Toonies for Tummies (TFT) most of them are a lower value but every little bit counts right?
They are redeemable at Food Basics, Metro, RCSS and a few other stores.

(sorry no pic this time)

Auto Show/ Home Show Freebies!!

Went to the Auto Show and the Home Show today in Toronto and got some nice freebies!

At the Auto Show:
2 x Boxes of decadent chocolate chip cookies (MY FAVOURITE)
3 x various reuseable bags
4 x car cleaner samples

At the Home Show:
2 x FREE VIP TICKETS bf got from someone at work
2 x reuseable bags
1 x box of triscuit crackers

Plus entered a bunch of contests (fingers crossed) and tons of excercise walking around all day.

Walmart and SDM brag!

Hey guys!

I went to WM and SDM today and heres what I got:

1 x rice krispies clearance $2 -$1.00 off coupon= $1
(btw i checked the expiry date still good till december)
1 x betty crocker icing $1.47- $1.00 off coupon ( $0.47
2 x U by kotex tampons $3.97 each x 2 = $7.94 - $3wub2= $4.94
What makes me wonder is that these packs are 18 count and the 36 count is 8.79 but two 18 count packs equals 36 count = 7.94 so why would anyone want to pay the extra $0.85 for the same amount? Plus buying two means you can get an extra $3 off.. anyway lol

1 x pampers cruisers 31 count clearance $6.99- $3.00 off coupon = $3.99
so 3.99 divided by 31 = $0.13 per diaper, not bad
Now I can add these diapers to my sister baby shower gift!

Feb 6th Walmart deals! +ROAK and Sdm unbrag

Shopping day with my mom and sister!

This is what i got:
Soft Taco kit sale 3.47 -1.00 off coupon= $2.47 + bonus free movie snack coupon
Bonus Pantene shampoo + conditioner clearance for $6.00- $0.75 coupon = 5.25 divided by 2 = $2.62 each which is awesome since its regularily between $4-5 depending where you go . + came with bonus $1.00 any pantene styling coupon inside
Johnsons Baby lotion sale 2.50-2.00 coupon= $0.50
Johnsons essentials pack sale 4.50-1.00= $3.50 (regular price at walmart was 6.97) (comes with penaten cream, baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby powder, baby wash)
Rolo= $0.25 not pictured, I ate it already LOL

*Im collecting baby items for my sisters shower in may so all these baby coupons help!!

Also tried to use a $1 off sunlight dish soap at SDM but the cashier refused to take it since it was on sale for $0.99, wouldnt even take it off the tax.. so I said No thanks then. poo

While in the 2nd walmart (forgot to buy mirror) my mom and sister were talking to a women in the candle aisle and as we were going past her, I saw she had a glad b1g1 free candle coupon so I asked if shed like mine since I wont be using them she said sure, haha so i ROAK'ed her my 2 coupons. and she complimented me on my coupon binder

Dentyne Gum Freebie

Right now on facebook if you like Dentyne gum, play ''the kissing debate'' you'll receive free gum!
I love gum, and I love free!!