My latest coupon and deals!

Wow, its been a while since I've posted, sorry guys I try and post deals that I find work for me, not just any old deal you see on every savings blog!
So I haven't used very many coupons in 2011 so far :o shocker I know so I was super excited to use up some pop coupons at SDM this past weekend.

I got 2x 6 pack (710ml) bottles of dr. pepper
and 2x 6 pack(710m) bottles of gingerale.
Sale price was 2/$5 and I used 3 coupons.
One B2 save $2 dr.pepper
Two B1 save $1 schweppes ginerale.
So each 6pack was only $1.50!

I accquired these coupons from food basics months ago = )

So dont hesitate to grab a few coupons of a tear pad when you go shopping because you never know when you might use them :)


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