Deals for sunday Jan 23rd!

So my sister wanted to go shopping today so her, myself and my mom all went to walmart.
I brought my coupon binder
and showed them how much coupons are awesome. My mom is totally into couponing now, every time shed pick something she wanted she asked,

''Hey Chris do you have any coupons for ____?"" lol
and they both looooved the free lean cuisine coupon
SO anyway on to the deals

I got:

2x dawn dishsoap 1.57 each - $1.00 brandsaver
1 x lean cuisine- fpc from facebook = free
2x Satin care shave gel $2.00 each - $4wub2= free

1x lean cusine - fpc from facebook=free
1x carton of oj =$1 (not pictured)
1x arizona raspberry iced tea = $0.93 (not pictured YUM)

+ a bunch of weird looks from other customers as I went through my binder matching up coupons to my familys items lol
All in all im pretty sure I gave about 5 coupons to my sister towards her products and 1 to my mom.
Woot i love saving money


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