Free Tide Detergent!

Hey everybody, a small post on a deal I got today at Food Basics.
They had Tide power 40 load on for $4.97 which is a deal in itself, but combined with a Buy any 2 tide detergents, save $5 I got 1 free.
2x tide 40 load = 4.97each=9.94-5.00= $4.94 for 2!!!

Deals for sunday Jan 23rd!

So my sister wanted to go shopping today so her, myself and my mom all went to walmart.
I brought my coupon binder
and showed them how much coupons are awesome. My mom is totally into couponing now, every time shed pick something she wanted she asked,

''Hey Chris do you have any coupons for ____?"" lol
and they both looooved the free lean cuisine coupon
SO anyway on to the deals

I got:

2x dawn dishsoap 1.57 each - $1.00 brandsaver
1 x lean cuisine- fpc from facebook = free
2x Satin care shave gel $2.00 each - $4wub2= free

1x lean cusine - fpc from facebook=free
1x carton of oj =$1 (not pictured)
1x arizona raspberry iced tea = $0.93 (not pictured YUM)

+ a bunch of weird looks from other customers as I went through my binder matching up coupons to my familys items lol
All in all im pretty sure I gave about 5 coupons to my sister towards her products and 1 to my mom.
Woot i love saving money

Free Vaseline intense rescue coupon!

Hey guys!
This is an old/new freebie available through vaselines facebook fan site

All you have to do is answer 5 short questions and you get re-directed to
Sign in click coupon and voila! You will be mailed your coupon usually within 7 business days.

Latest Coupon Find!

While shopping in walmart today I found a new to me coupon!
I usually never find coupons in walmart but I did.
Its a
Buy 2 6x710ml pepsico soft drinks and get 1 free 6x710ml pepsimax
Expires December 31 2011.

Ive never tried pepsimax but we'll have to see if this coupon comes in handy, or I can always trade it on SC :)
Here's a picture:

Saturday Deals! Walmart, michaels, B&Bws

Have today off so I decided to do some shopping, heres what I got.


2 x lean cusine $3.33 -fpc from facebook = free

2 x satin care shave gel $2.00 each - $4wub2 coupon (brandsaver)= free

1 x crest toothpaste $2.00 - $0.50(brandsaver) coupon= $1.50


1 x 35 sq foot roll of wrapping paper regular $6.69 clearance for $0.69

2 x small gift bags regular $2.49 clearance $0.24 each

1 x alphabet glitter stickers sale $1.49

1 x glitter star stickers sale $1.49

1 x gift card holder regular $1.50 clearance $0.15

2x christmas tape regular $3.49 clearance $0.34 each

MINUS 25% off your total purchase - $1.07


$3.64 total

Bath and body works

1 x gift set for my friend's birthday regular $19.50 clearance $9.75

My latest coupon and deals!

Wow, its been a while since I've posted, sorry guys I try and post deals that I find work for me, not just any old deal you see on every savings blog!
So I haven't used very many coupons in 2011 so far :o shocker I know so I was super excited to use up some pop coupons at SDM this past weekend.

I got 2x 6 pack (710ml) bottles of dr. pepper
and 2x 6 pack(710m) bottles of gingerale.
Sale price was 2/$5 and I used 3 coupons.
One B2 save $2 dr.pepper
Two B1 save $1 schweppes ginerale.
So each 6pack was only $1.50!

I accquired these coupons from food basics months ago = )

So dont hesitate to grab a few coupons of a tear pad when you go shopping because you never know when you might use them :)

P&G brandsaver + smartsource

P&G brandsaver and smartsource are inserts that comes out once or twice a month in local newspapers.
These inserts are filled with coupons and savings! So you can understand my dissapointment when I tell you it does not come in MY local newspaper.
But alas all is not lost, you can order the brandsaver coupons from but you have to wait for them in the mail.
Here's the awesome part, down the street from me an apartment building gets the inserts in their mississauga news! So I wait until the weekend is over and whatever is left on their step for recycling, I grab em!
This time I managed to get 5 inserts (yay)!

Here's a list of the coupons included in the insert:

$0.75 any Aussie Product
$3 WUB any 2 Cover Girl Products
$1 WUB any 1 Cover Girl Product
$0.75 WUB any Pantene base Shampoo, Conditioner, Styler or Treatment
$2 WUB any 2 Pantene base Shampoos, 2-in-1's or Conditioners
$1 when you buy any Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths or Expressions Shampoo, Conditioner, Styler or Treatment
$2 any Nice & Easy Haircolour Product
$5 WUB any 2 Nice & Easy Haircolour Products
$1 any Head & Shoulders Product
$2.50 WUB any one Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner
$1 any Old Spice Product
$3 WUB any 2 Old Spice Products
$2 Venus Embrace
$1 Satin Care
$2 Olay Quench or Ribbons Body Wash
$1 Secret Deodorant
$4 WUB any 2 Venus Embrace, Satin Care, Olay Quench, Ribbons Body Wash or Secret Deodorant
$7 WUB any 3 Venus Embrace, Satin Care, Olay Quench, Ribbons Body Wash or Secret Deodorant
$10 WUB any 2 Olay Products (above $20 each before taxes)
$2 any Olay Classic Moisturizer product
$1 Natural Instincts hair colour
$3 WUB any 2 Natural Instincts hair colour
$1 Always Infinity, Tampax Pearl or Tampax Compak Pearl
$0.75 Always Ultra Thin or Maxi, Tampax Cardboard Applicator tampons or Always Pantiliners
$1.75 WUB any 2 Always Ultra Thin or Maxi, Tampax Cardboard Applicator tampons or Always Pantiliners
$2.25 WUB any 2 Always Infinity, Tampax Pearl or Tampax Compak Pearl
$0.50 Crest Pro-Health toothpaste
$1.00 any 2 Crest toothpaste 75ml or larger
$0.75 any Crest Glide floss
$1 Scope Outlast 710ml or larger
$1 any Crest rinse
$5 any Crest 3D Whitestrips
$0.50 any Crest paste
$5 Oral-B Vitality
$2 any Gillette Fusion Razor
$2 any Gillette 3-bladed disposable razor
$2 Gillette Fusion ProSeries product
$5 WUB any 3 Gillette products
$1 any Gillette Deodorant or Body Wash
FREE Set & Refresh WUB any 3 Cascade, Dawn, Mr. Clean, Febreeze or Swiffer products
$2.50 Swiffer Starter Kit
$2 WUB any 2 Febreeze products
$1.50 Cascade ActionPacs
$1 WUB any 2 Mr. Clean products
$1 WUB any 2 Dawn products
$5 WUB any 2 Tide (26 Uses or Higher) or Downy (52 uses or higher)
$0.75 Duracell Coppertop
$1.25 Duracell Ultra
$5 Duracell USB charger
$2 any Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries
$0.50 Charmin Product
$0.50 Bounty Paper Towels
$0.50 Puffs product
$1.25 WUB any 2 Bounty, Charmin or Puffs
$2 any Vicks Nyquil or Dayquil
$2 any Vicks Vaporub or Babyrub product
$4 any Pampers Wipes and Diapers
$2 any Pampers Baby Dry, Swaddlers or Cruisers
$3 any Pampers Easy-Ups, Underjams or Splashers
$1 any Pampers Wipes

March 31/11 Expiry

(courtesy of

As for the smartsource, I did happen to find a copy at the local laundrymat on sunday but after flipping through it I found myself dissapointed that there was really nothing I could use, or trade with anyone else, so I left it.

Coupons Ive found today

Found these coupons at Shoppers drug mart today.
Save $2 wub 2 bottles of tums
Save $2 wub 1 secret deodorant and 1 venus embrace razor
Save $1 wub 1 olay ribbons and one olay quench lotion

Coupons in the Mail

Today I received coupons from
$4 wub one pampers wipes & diapers
0.50 off eggos
$1 on special K cereal
$1 on tide detergent
$1 on green works dishwashing
$5 on any 3 greenworks products.

To find the latest coupons available check out they have external links to various coupon sites!

Also check out for great deals, coupons, and money saving discussions

Free Thinsations samples + coupons

Another facebook freebie!!!

2 free thinsations samples and a bogo coupon!

All you have to do is ''Like'' their page.!/Thinsations

Free Lean Cuisine

I loooove facebook freebies!

Lean Cuisine is offering a free entree if you like their page.

You then print it out and redeem it at a store that accepts internet coupons . (I used mine at walmart)

But please folks, dont abuse the coupon, Ive already heard how people printed 100s and had carts full... greedy people.

First post, outlook on 2011

As of today, I have not found any new coupons but again it is only january 2nd.
Ive tried writing blogs before but never really got into it. This time I hope I stick to it because its for something I have a passion for, coupons and savings money.
Im going to be posting when I find new coupons, what kinds of deals im getting and such.
I dont know how many people will read my blog but I think of it as a way to calculate how much I save per year.
Sooo let's get started 2011!!